Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happenings at the house!

Its all been happening here at the house! Since my last post we have had furniture deliveries, our fridge and washing machine delivered, two new couches delivered, and the kitchen has finally been unpacked!

Today a friend started on the skirting on the lower floor which was left off for the installation of the bamboo boards which makes a difference to how 'finished' the house looks. He ran out of skirting (thanks Metricon!) so we need to order more and he can wrap it up in a few hours, then they need painting.

Our landscaping started yesterday with the clearing of the growth that has built up over the build, and some old existing plants that didn't make the cut. Tomorrow it should continue with more clearing and then its onto the construction of lots of retaining walls, levelling out the yard then the pouring of the driveway and path. Decking will follow which we are all looking forward to! That will be it for the first phase of landscaping - until the money tree gives up some more of the good stuff!

We've had a few dramas along the way.. Moving day was LONG. They started at 8am and finished at 6pm after one truck load from the inlaws place to here then two loads (one full, one half full) from our storage unit to the house. Our garage is full to the brim, but thats a job for another day! The weather wasn't too bad but the previous 3 days torrential rain had turned our front yard into a bog so the truck couldnt get as close as we wanted to the door and they had to traipse through mud to get to the house. A system of tarps and cardboard helped a lot but I do have some marks on the carpet to clean! The movers were fantastic - very fast, careful, friendly and efficient. Not a scratch or anything broken :)

Foxtel turned up on Thursday to install and the tech told me the foxtel and phone lines were on one side of the house and the feed in conduit from the street was on the other.. So unless we wanted conduit  run all the way up one side of the house, over the roof and back down the other side, or unless we wanted to dog a massive trench across our front yard he couldn't do it! He said Telstra would say the same when they showed up to connect our line..

We called Metricon's electrical contractor and spoke to a rather rude woman who had an appalling attitude when asked about why it was like that (basically useless and totally illogical) and what we could have done about it. I was basically told "I'm paid $80 by Metricon to do it like that". Really? What about the other thousands of dollars we paid in electrical upgrades to your business??

Needless to say we contacted our amazing Construction Manager who sorted it out and the following day it was rectified by midday. So, points to all for sorting that out.

We have also had visits from the painter, the silicon sealing guys and the kitchen guy. My overhead cupboard doors are being resprayed after they were scratched from being placed on the slab for weeks. They also installled a backing plate on my appliance cupboard and are sorting out an extra shelf for me so I'm happy about that!

The guy came to reglaze the glass in our front door but was supplied the wrong length beading to replace the stuff he had to take out so that didnt happen :(

Still waiting on our underfloor heating to be connected to controllers, our heated towel rail to be installed and a missing towel rail to be installed in the main bathroom, extra shelves in the pantry and linen cupboard along with a few other small issues..

This week sees foxtel and telstra here to connect, then we can get back to normal internet - yay! Landscaping will continue as will the mammoth job of unpacking :)

Its been exhausting but lovely to finally be home :) Waking up to the sound of birds, exploring our new space, remembering what it used to be like in our old house on this same block, thinking about all the things we need to do, seeing our son run around the place with a smile on his's good to be home!


  1. I'm so pleased you are excited after your rather long and rocky journey. Can't wait for the photos!!

  2. pics pics pics pics pics :)

  3. Good to hear that you're in safely with no casualties :)
    Enjoy the unpacking. There's no hurry!!!

  4. And you thought building was stressful - landscaping already plus Foxtel and Telstra! now thats impressive.

  5. Busy, busy, busy!! So thrilled for you!

    What removalists did you use? I'm looking into it over the next couple of days...

  6. Looks like you have everything under control and well organised! I am amazed you still find time to update your blog. Great work!

    Can I ask you? Is the large window on the front of your study a single- or double-panel? Ours just got installed last weekend (it was missing) and it is a single panels. The one on the construction drawings has 2 panels (i.e. with an extra vertical frame in the middle). I suspect they may have made a mistake.

  7. Thanks guys!

    Tonia will *try* to upload pics today - but only have my phone internet connection (which I am using on my laptop) so it could be too hard!

    Christophe - the large window in our study is a single window (awning style, opens with a winder all together) but it has a frame/panel running through the middle, if that makes sense? Sounds like they have made a mistake on yours.

    Karla we used a small moving company that is owned by a friend of ours husband, its him and his brother and they were fantastic. I am going to post their details on the blog, will try to do so today.

  8. well done guys, must be a gr8 feeling to have moved in after all the efforts....

  9. Just checking life is sweet for you...