Thursday, October 21, 2010

Display home photos

I thought for a post today I would post some more photos of the display version of our home.

Our colour scheme varies greatly from these but most of the details are the same or similar.

The thing to note when looking at display homes is the builder more often than not has decked the house out with almost every upgrade they can in the hopes of inspiring customers to do the same! It is great to see what can be done on top of the standard however - just good to keep in mind every change costs money!

I came across these on another blog however have been led to believe the images were actually taken by Metricon so they get credit for most of the images. No copyright infringement is intended whatsoever - if you happen to have taken these please contact me and I will absolutely credit you :)

The study. That staircase is an upgrade - we are having the same one in our house.
The window in our study is just one panel rather than three and is set at about head height so I can utilise that wall for storage/furniture

Living room. Those bi-fold doors are not standard, neither is the fireplace or the shelves open to the dining room. We are having standard windows on there and no fireplace or shelves - just a large cut out section in the wall looking into the dining room. As gorgeous as the doors are - they are a huge expense and I thought with the back section of the house so open it would be nice to have a living area that was more cosy.

Kitchen - obviously ;) 
The island is an upgrade - so is the 'microwave tower' on the right.
The window splashback was included in our upgrade package but the one on display appears bigger to me - I must remember to measure it when I am up there next!
The cooktop located in the island is also extra. 
We are having the island, although with the sinks in the island (I spend WAY more time at the sink than at the cooktop!!) and the cooktop facing the window.
That door on the right leads into the walk in pantry and is an upgrade too! Standard is a plain door not glass with a timber frame. We are having that upgraded door in the powder room, laundry and master suite however.

Dining room.
That high window you see above the couch is non standard (we included it in our plans) and where the two lots of doors meet right in the top right hand corner of the photo it is standard to have a pier/pillar to support the above floor. To remove that would require a steel beam above and would have cost a few thousand dollars so we chose to keep the pillar!

Dining room.

Instead of three sets of bifolds as are seen in the display we are having sliding stacking doors - the difference in price is HUGE.
Our doors will be stained in the same colour.

You can see the outdoor room in this photo. The standard arrangement does not include that wall where the fireplace is, it is just open to the backyard. So the fireplace, decking, doors, wall and ceiling fan are all upgrades :) ooh - and the slab under the decking is extra too - about 3K apparently!
I also forgot to mention the actual outdoor room and balcony above are not standard inclusions in our house (I think it is with some Metricon designs) -  expect to pay around around 29K for it on a home like ours ;) (Ouch!!) Ours was reduced in size due to council regs which was a substantial saving.

Family room. They have no cornice downstairs in the display - they are square set. Expect to pay a couple of thousand dollars for that.
We will have that niche for the entertainment unit(an upgrade) and the same windows in our house.

Outdoor room looking into family room

Upstairs leisure room. That niche where the entertainment unit is standard, but the high set window is an upgrade (which we have included)

Master suite. Our ensuite entrance is different as this arrangement is an upgrade, which has a bath in the ensuite. Where that timber panelling is in the display home is where we will enter our ensuite.
We paid extra to have a set of sliding cavity doors there to be able to close off the ensuite rather than have it open all the time.
That window above the bed is an upgrade too, which we opted to have.

Ensuite. Our will be the same as this, (except we have two sets of drawers and two sets of cupboards in the vanity) only a different colour scheme. Most of what you see here is an upgrade -  the shower, the size of the vanity, the basins and taps, the bulkhead above the vanity..

The balcony (off the master suite). 
Most of this is standard once you choose to add it to the house - apart from the ceiling fan (which we have included) and the shutters (which we will add after handover).

So there is a peek into the display house for some almost Friday fun! Thats just a small glimpse of how easy it is to add, and add and add to the base price of a house!


  1. Thanks for the look inside and explanations. Seriously love your home.

    Elisha xo

  2. Great post Shayne! Something else regarding the outdoor room upgrades..if the outdoor room does not come standard with your house design and you wish to add it on. The price you pay does not include a slab. We had to pay an extra $3K on top of the cost to add on the outdoor room.

    What internal colours have you gone with?
    Have a great Friday :)

  3. Thanks Sandrine - I forgot to mention the actual Outdoor Room was a very expensive upgrade on our house!

    I am going to post internal colours one of these days! Most of our cabinetry is 'Concept Oak', with some white thrown in, all benchtops are Caesarstone Osprey & tiles are brownish/neutrals and white :)

  4. Thanks Elisha :) I love it too!!

  5. So... I am officially jealous! I love everything you have chosen. You have such a good eye for colour and detail, Shayne. I can't wait until your next entry!