Saturday, October 9, 2010

A quick post for the weekend

While I haven't been to the house since last Monday Jason has driven by a number of times through the week and I am very pleased to report the power pole was moved yesterday into its correct position!! Hurrah!

Looks to me like it would have been a WHOLE lot easier for them to have just put it there in the first place...

Fencing our front yard may be a little challenging now but I am sure we can work around that - it is definitely better there than where they first put it!

I've been reading a few blogs written by fellow home builders in QLD - most of whom are experiencing lots of rain delays. Can't help but to feel for you all - I hope there is a break in the rain soon so you can all see some progress!!

We are meeting with our SS on site for a walkthrough on Monday morning - looking forward to that! He said scaffolding will arrive Monday and the brickies will be back on site Tuesday to begin the top storey. Fingers crossed the weather keeps being kind to us - not too long now until we will be at lockup.

Have a great weekend and look out for a big post on Tuesday with loads of photos!!


  1. Hi! I was searching the web about home building and found some of your blog and found it very informative and fun to read. It helped me a lot as a novice home builder. Keep posting! I look forward to read more of your future blog. Thanks!

  2. Thanks so much! I have learnt so much from others blogs so I am glad mine is helping someone out too!

    All the bst,