Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some bricking and scaffolding pics

Here are a few quick pics of the progress of the brickwork :)

After a glorious day here in Sydney today I am hoping tomorrow follows suit and I hope to see lots of progress on my drive by late tomorrow afternoon after a full day of bricking tomorrow!

Standing in the driveway: (below)

The top floor of the front of the house will primarily be clad rather than bricked so the bricking is almost done at the front.

Standing next to the garage: (below)

The section of wall here will be bricked right to the top from the point where the garage ends to the balcony off the master suite.

Standing just behind the end of the outdoor room: (below)

Looking back toward the garage: (below)

Looking up to the balcony: (below)

The front portico: (below)

Eventually I would like this to be decked rather than tiled (stairs still to be poured) 

Looking down the other side of the house: (below)

This side will be clad almost the whole length of the house, except for the small section where the stairs will be and right at the back along the length of the family room and master bedroom.

Looking back to the portico. Loving the colour of our Surfmist windows, can't wait to see how they look against clean bricks!

Rear view of the house:

The rear elevation will be bricked, and the balcony will be clad.

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