Thursday, October 21, 2010

The end is near..for the brickwork anyway!

Jason swung by the site yesterday and had a chat with the boss brickie (they met coincidentaly a few months before our house started ;) ) and he has said they will be finished either today or tomorrow morning at the latest!

Had the weather on Saturday not been so awful (it was hideously windy) they would have been on site and would probably have been done by now but thats the way the building cookie crumbles!

Looking forward to a phone call from our SS (who has said he will call weekly with an update) to find out when the guttering and fascia is booked in to go up - then the roof tiles.

Here are a few pics from yesterday.

The area they are working on in this pic is where the stairs will be. I upgraded that window to be translucent as the view out there isn't very attractive - our neighbours driveway and porch - and a window up that high is hard to install blinds and shutters on, this way we won't need any window covering.

Looks to be pretty much complete at the back now in terms of bricking except for the piers for the outdoor room/balcony. That small section above the window up top in the master suite will be infilled with gyprock and painted. Not quite sure why they cant do brick infills but no matter - I'm sure the painted section will tie in nicely with the cladding around the balcony.

Can't wait to see a roof and cladding go on then I can stop obssessing over the weather forecast!

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