Friday, October 15, 2010

Brickies hard at work and a new Site Supervisor

After checking the forecast for today I was worried it would be a write off due to bad weather but Jason drove by early today and let me know the bricklayers were indeed on site!

Then at lunchtime I spoke to him and he had just been onsite meeting our new SS - um what?

Apparently we have a new SS, after 45 days. Bit of a shame but after extensive reading of other blogs I can't say I am surprised. Our first SS was fantastic, seemed to be really on top of things and had so far timed the relevant trades to a tee so hopefully this change will see a continuation of that.

I guess we would have been informed of this change at some point soon - Jason just happened to turn up on site at the time our new SS was there. He introduced himself and said we will be receiving weekly phone calls to update us on the progress so thats a good sign.

(Edited to add apparently our old SS called Jason to let him know, in usual fashion I only got half the story at the time!! Funny how the SS always called Jason even after I asked him when we first met him to call me, because Jason forgets things and I would be the one with all the info and questions..but thats irrelevant now!)

While on site the bricklayer said weather permitting they should be finished around Tuesday next week! Hopefully that means gutter and fascia is booked in for late next week - if the looming rain holds off!!

I wonder if I dare to hope that the week after next we might have a roof!!

Just one photo from today unfortunately (Jason isn't as camera happy as me!) - but in comparison to Monday when we were there they are powering through - the wall in the pic was only bricked to half way up the windows last I saw.

Heres hoping for all of us building (especially those yet to reach lock up) the weather is kind to us for the next little while!

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