Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And the bricking keeps rolling on!

I went past the site on Monday afternoon and was happy to see about 7 brickies there working away. It was a glorious day in Sydney so it was great to see out house taking shape in the afternoon sun!

Yesterday however the weather was miserable, and it drizzled consistently here on the North Shore so I wasn't expecting to see anyone on site - (our place is about 25 minutes from where we are currently living) but I drove by anyway (of course there was a small part of me that was hopeful!!).
The drive by proved fruitful as the brickies were indeed there and working!

Here are some pics from Mondays drive by:

Lots of bricks ready to go at the front for the portico and above the garage

The leaning tower of bricks! I *think* behind to the left may be some steps??

Side view - this side appears to be almost done, apart from a few courses to be done above the garage.

The whole of the upstairs facade at the front is to be covered in cladding

That hole there in the bricks was for the meter box, the brickies left a space there for it after the power pole was installed on this side of the property so now they have to brick it up and make a new one on the right side!

The wall there at the back with the timber windows is the master suite and will be bricked all the way to the roof (thankfully! - much better insulation I imagine than the cladding)

That our balcony - it will be clad rather than bricked

Still a little bricking to be completed on this side - the whole height of the stairs will be bricked and the front part of the house (the study) will be bricked to the same height as that back section you can see in this photo.

weather is looking good for the rest of this week so fingers crossed it holds out for the brickies to finish up.


  1. How exciting is it to see almost a whole wall of bricks - really makes it real!! :) Its looking so great - hard to believe how fast it goes. We'll all be in before we know it!

  2. It's looking fabulous! We are doing a KDRB in Seaforth. I think you're a few weeks ahead of us.