Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No news is...boring and frustrating!

So as the post title eludes to - nothing is happening on site.

Bricks arrived Monday (as the bricklayer suggested to Jason last week, however our SS seemed to think they wouldn't arrive until Tuesday or Wednesday and there will be no brickies on site until Friday and they will work Friday & Saturday to get the bricks done and dusted. If the weather holds out.

I know the building game is all about waiting sometimes but after a 9 month lead up to this build a whole week with the site sitting dormant is just frustrating. Escpecially when the weather has been so great.

According to our SS brickies will finish on Saturday, gutter and fascia will happen Monday (I think) and the roof tiles should be done by the end of next week (thats what was passed on to me anyway.).

I wont get too excited but I hope thats the case - cant wait to see a roof on this house.

After that I presume the cladding goes on and the electricians come to do a rough in before the gyprockers arrive on site.

I think once we have real walls it is going to be very exciting!!

In the meantime to occupy me I am on a neverending quest of sourcing furniture (still looking at this stage), and am thinking about window coverings (lucky me has a friend in the business!), and this week I am very excited by the new soft close door dampers Tim & Tina have for sale over at their new site which you can find here . I chose to have Blum soft closing mechanisms on every door and drawer in the kitchen (for a significant cost but they are fantastic quality), however I am going to buy the ones Tim & Tina have sourced for our laundry, bathrooms and powder room, looking forward to how easy they are to install!

I am also thinking about flooring (need to start looking into that more soon), decking, all the extra electrical we need to do on handover and have started lists of all the post-handover jobs we need to do.. I'm pretty sure the hard work really begins after handover!

We have a few steps leading up to our portico so this is what I would like to do at the front of our place eventually..


  1. Hey guys, thanks for the support :)

    Your place is coming along nicely, and that picture with the portico is stunning! We haven't decided what to do with our portico yet, no step up or down, so maybe we will tile it - it's not high on the list of priorities just yet!


  2. No problems - I'm really excited by them! I haven't come across any like that in my (limited) research, looking forward to seeing them in action :)

    Yes I love that portico, they are all done really nicely at the Kellyville displays in Sydney - they all have 3 or 4 steps up so its great to see what can be done. I think we have 3 steps so I hope we can do something similar down the track.

    Looking forward to seeing your flooring once its laid, your place is looking fantastic.


  3. Hey Shayne, i love the portico and we're going to do something similiar. I too am busy researching furniture while we wait wait wait!
    I think i might buy some of their soft closing things too, great idea hey!

  4. Hi Shayne,
    Just found your blog on building the Laguna 36 - love it!! My husband & I are also building a Laguna 36 on the Northern Beaches - DA in Council about a month....I will be following your blog with a really keen interest!!Its awesome!! I am at the stage now making so many upgrades and changes my head is spinning - wish we were at your stage!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Hi Anita!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting - I have searched high and low and there aren't many blogs out there about building a Laguna :)

    Oh, I remember how much my head was spinning at that stage - and I still keep thinking of small things here and there I would have done differently - oh well, too late now!

    Which facade are you building?

    Look fowrard to hearing all about your build too.

  6. We're building the Modern facade...what about you guys? Any major things you wish you added? Hope its smooth sailing to hand over :)Anita

  7. We are having the Kingston facade, so we get a balcony upstairs off the bigger bedroom at the front, but the study is a bit smaller than the one on display as the portico is bigger. I like the way a different facade makes the house look totally different!

    The only major thing I wish we had added is the workshop option off the garage, and maybe have had Metricon quote us on widening the whole house a meter or two as we have plenty of space on our block to do so. Nothing too huge.

    Small things include wishing I added some big drawers to the laundry instead of all cupboards ( I have cupboards all the way along the top and have extended the bench all the way to the laundry door) - but that can always be changed afterwards if I decide I really want it that way.

    Good luck, hope you get approved and start building soon!

  8. Phew. Just finished reading right from the start. Excellent work on the blog, it's another that I wish I'd read before we started. Congrats on your build thus far and hopefully the pace picks up again soon.

  9. Hi Nick

    Thanks. I learnt SO much from reading lots of blogs and from the Home One forum that I thought it would be good to try to document as much of the process as possible - I only wish I had started the blog much earlier as lots of details are foggy now..

    Good luck with the lead up to your build, I look forward to keeping an eye on your blog to follow the progress.

  10. Hi Shayne, we are building a Laguna 33 in North Ryde and are about 4 weeks behind you. We did the demolition ourselves and handed over to Metricon for build to start on 15 Sep 2010.
    Great to see where we will be in a few weeks!!! Your pics really helped answer some of our questions about how the windows will actually look with architraves and how tiling is done on the gyprock that still has holes in it.
    We also went for Whitsunday Orpheus but the Traditional Facade.
    We opted for similar layout kitchen with sink and stove swapped.
    Outdoor room with bifolds meeting in middle - no wall column - so additional steel beams were inserted.
    Have you been given an indicative handover date yet?
    Hope all keeps going well for you.

  11. Hi Anon!

    Ooh - we actually live about 10 minutes from North Ryde - its my 'local' area!
    No indication yet on handover date - only that we are ahead of schedule - painful - I want to know!
    Do you have a blog by any chance? Glad that ours has helped, I have found so many blogs SO helpful!

  12. Hi Shayne,
    No we don't have a blog and I think it's a bit late to start now.
    Had Gyprock started on Saturday and waiting to see when stairs go in. Who are you getting to do your timber floors and carpet?
    We chose the same feature tile from your powder room for our kitchen but in red :)
    Who is your SS?
    Cheers, Rush.

  13. Hi Rush - yep probably a bit ate to start a blog now :) I've not come across many people building a Laguna and the few other blogs I have found building them are way behind us!

    We are getting World of Timber at Castle Hill to do Bamboo flooring and carpets I havent organised yet!

    LOVE that feature tile - I'd love to see it in the kitchen! Our SS is Steve M - who do you have?

  14. Hi Shayne, we have Steve M as well.
    We are thinking of getting our floors done by Hardwood Floors from Marrickville. I am going for a bit of parquetry laid in the entrance hallway. It has proven difficult to find many people who have experience with parquetry even though a lot will say they can do it ;) They will also fit the skirting boards downstairs. We are putting carpet in the study and living rooms so floor level needs to be higher in these rooms for carpet. Flooring guys will add particle board in these rooms to adjust to correct level for carpet.
    We have some carpet choices in mind, now need to narrow down a supplier. So many decisions still to be made!!

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