Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Friday!

This Friday sees our house *so* close to the end of bricking its very exciting!

Jason went by the house and spoke to the boss bricklayer, Pete, who told him they are super close to being finished but have run out of bricks as they rejected so many chipped or damaged ones - and they are waiting for more to arrive :)
Our bricks are 'colour on' rather than 'colour through' which means any chips in the face of the brick are very obvious as the colour is just on the surface not the whole way through the brick.

Apparently they had a delivery recently of 3 pallets but due to so many being damaged they ran out quickly.

I called our SS for an update and he told me he expects the bricks to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday, and then hopefully the brickies will be back Thursday to finish up. He said once they have finished the scaffolding needs to be raised for the gutter and fascia to be installed, then the tiles go on after that.

Hopefully then this time in two weeks all that will be finished. So next week will more than likely see mostly dormant days unfortunately...

Some pics from today:

Study window and space for front door to the right

Side of garage looking back to living room and dining room

Living room windows

Outdoor room

Rear of family room

Rear of family room and master suite

Rear of outdoor room and balcony off master suite

Rear of master suite

Side view of study wall and front portico

Front portico and balcony off bedroom


  1. Hi Shayne,

    Looking great. By the way have you considered getting fly-screens for the bedroom with balcony? There is no openable windows. Just one door. How to prevent insects getting inside?


  2. Hi Christophe,

    Yes we will be getting some kind of fly screen for that door eventually. That room will be the guest room for quite a while so won't really be used very much until our son grows up a bit and he moves into that room.