Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday morning site visit

Yesterday morning, bleary eyed after little sleep (thanks to our 2 year old who was punishing us for going away without him!) I dropped our son at daycare and went to site for a 9am meeting with our SS.
Jason was already there, we have organised to have solar panels installed on the roof of the house after handover (got in at the 11th hour right before the government slashed the rate of electricity buy back!!), and the solar guy wanted to have a quick look at the house (from outside, of course).

Turns out after a quick phone call our SS had forgotten about the meeting but said he could be there in 20 minutes, so Jason went to work and I waited.

I wasn't fussed as I was super happy to see the elusive carpenters onsite starting the eaves!!
We had previously been told the cladding was onsite but like I thought late last week - it hasn't been delivered so they couldn't start it. Wednesday it will apparently be delivered and they will get on to it Thursday I hope.

So when our SS arrived I had a quick look through, asked him a few questions and took some photos - most not so exciting to anyone but me!

Turns out that letter is legit - its from an independent inspection company that is hired by Metricon but effectively work for us. So they arrange the inspections, not me. Lucky that!

I asked about getting copies of the reports and was told we do get them all at handover but if we want copies beforehand to ask. Think I will do that.

Now onto the good part - some pics!

Wiring ready for the huge AC unit. Note the contrast between the cleaned bricks and the yet to be cleaned bricks

So excited to see the real colour of the bricks!! Very happy with them

More nice clean bricks. They are called Orpheus and are from the Austral Whitsunday range

Pieces of the colour puzzle coming together. Surfmist fascia and Dune guttering

I'm thrilled with my colour selections coming together so nicely

Adding the roof to the colour puzzle

What a dump!

From the driveway


Looking into stair void from study. We have opted to put a door in so we can access all that space for storage

I think this door is the only one on the house I didn't upgrade to be higher - access to yard from garage- it looks tiny as the garage ceiling height is almost 3 metres

Looking from garage down the side of the house toward the Outdoor Room

I went back this afternoon and there were eaves! Oh happy day!!

The eaves will be painted Surfmist to match the fascia

So - where to from here?

Hopefully onward and upward in leaps and bounds ;)

As I mentioned, cladding should be delivered Wednesday, and will be fitted by the end of the week. I *think* bricks will continue to be cleaned sometime this week. Our SS said the guys that do it aren't the fastest but they do a really good careful job and don't just blast the mortar out etc, so slow and steady wins the race!

Scaffolding should be down by the weekend or early next week, insulation will go in and gyprock will start next week.

Cant wait.

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  1. Hi
    It looks like its all going well.
    We picked the same colours, Orpheus bricksand Surfmist eaves too :)
    Nice choice!!

    all the best!