Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday update

Driving past the site today Jason reported that the cladding was very close to being finished and sent me a few photos.

That green wrap will be covered with a different type of cladding to the other clad areas as will the back wall of the balcony you can see there to the right. Not sure when that will be done.

See that tiny bit in between two of the windows on the right not clad? I think thats where they have run out of cladding..

I spoke to our SS at 6pm tonight (apparently they were going on their Xmas cruise tonight - great weather for it!!) as I had to tell him which flooring I have chosen for downstairs and the height of it so he could tell the stair manufacturer. I will do a post about flooring soon.

Jason had spoken to him a little earlier and he told him that next week the cladding will be finished 100% (when they get a little more cladding delivered), the cladding will be painted (I think, Jason wasn't 100% sure) and QA would go through and inspect, then whatever needs to be rectified will be done so before Gyprock starts the week after.

He initially told us gyprock would be next week but obviously things have taken a little longer than anticipated this week.

I assume if it hasn't already been done the insulation will go in next week too.

The carpenters have also been going through checking everything is straight and even and fixing bits and pieces that need fixing.

Stairs are also scheduled to be installed in the next two weeks.

Have a great weekend and happy building to those in the midst of construction chaos with us!


  1. Looking fantastic Shayne! What paint colour have you chosen for the cladding?

    We had some bits of timber delivered today, not sure what its for. Craig thinks it might be for the we might have stairs too in the next few weeks :)

  2. Sorry - just saw your comment!

    I chose Dulux 'Dreyfus" for the cladding around the house, and Dulux 'Grey Pebble' for the cladding around the grand balcony - which is wider panels of cladding than the bulk of the house.

    Cannot wait until its painted and the scaffolding is GONE!! Bugger off rain!!