Friday, November 5, 2010

The beginning of a roof..

Jason swung by the house today and I was very happy to receive this in my inbox -

Lots of action! It doesn't look like they had actually started putting the roof tiles on at that point ( although it was around lunchtime), but I am not sure how long it takes for them to set up (or what time they actually arrived!!). I am going to try to go past today to see what progress was made during the rest of the day.

I am fairly sure (and very disapointed) that nothing will happen today as the weather here on the North Shore is woeful - although it is often much wetter here closer to the coast than at our place.

The forecast for the next week id terrible, but I hope it changes between now and then. Its cruel to be ruled by the weather when we are SO close to being at a stage when the weather doesn't affect the build anymore.

For those of you looking closely and wondering, our gutter is Colorbond Dune and the fascia is Surfmist. The colour of the gutter is similar to the colour I have chosen for the cladding so I hope it ties in nicely.

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  1. Looking great guys. They are trying to get our roof on today too but its raining here in Brisbane too :(