Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday & Monday drive-by..

I was keen to see the cladding with my own eyes so yesterday on the way to visit friends on the Central Coast we drove by the house, and was happy to see the little spot where I thought they had run out of cladding was actually finished!

I walked up the hill to have a look at the house from the back and the cladding had also been started around the master bedroom balcony (where there was just green plastic in Fridays photo), so it looks like the carpenters are making good progress.

Really starting to look like a real house!

I cannot wait to see the house 'naked', without scaffolding

Here you can see the infill they have installed above the master bedroom windows to the far left, right at the back of the house. They will be painted

Here you can see two sections of roof that need to be done - I assume this week sometime before gyprocking can start?

That little old fence looks a bit sad next to the house!

Today I drove by after picking our son up from daycare and the carpenters were there working away, good to see - I was worried about the weather. Hopefully it holds out for the majority of the week so the house can stay on track - the Christmas shutdown is FAST approaching..

I asked our SS about that last week - he told me shutdown was four weeks. I've read elsewhere the office shuts for 2 weeks, our former SS told me work depends on who/what is scheduled to happen at the house over the holidays - time will tell I guess!

I understand things slow over Xmas/New Year but FOUR weeks! EEK! The anxiety may kill me..haha


  1. Looking good! When are they taking that bl**dy scaffolding down?! Its interesting to see how much longer your 2 story is taking than our little single story! What is your build time? Im busting to find out our finish date now and am so glad we're going away over Xmas/New Years or the sitting, watching & waiting with nothing happening would kill me too! haha!

  2. That bl**dy scaffolding is due to come down this week - but the forecast isn't great so I'm worried it won't be until next week now!
    Don't know for sure though - time will tell..
    Contract time for double storeys is 32 weeks - of course I am secretly hoping it will be less!!
    Oh going away is good - I am sure I will be tempted to drive by every few days on the very off chance someone is working,haha..

  3. Do Metricon pay you $ if they go over build time?

  4. I believe so - although I highly doubt they will go over - its pretty rare here in Sydney so far apparently.

  5. Looking great! Bugger off rain. These last few weeks before Christmas is crucial for lock up.

  6. Very nice!! It's looking great!!! hopefully ours doesn't drag on! Good luck with everything

  7. Hi Tonia - thanks!

    Which house are you building, and where?

    Will you blog about it?!

  8. Ooops - I see you have already started blogging - YAY! I love finding new blogs, especially Metricon ones in Sydney!!

    I am going to follow and read up now :)