Monday, November 15, 2010


Ok so the big boys birthday and subsequent party is over - and after a solid week (well, longer really) of sitting every night and cutting crafty things out (yes, I have a blister to prove it) and a few solid days of getting everything ready I can now think about the million other things in my head at this time of year!

So, a house update - the electricians were indeed there doing their pre-wire on Wednesday and Thursday. I recevied a phone call from the girl in the Metricon office who works for the electricians on Wednesday to let me know that on my plans there was a sub board marked to go in the garage as we had too many circuits to fit on the switchboard, however at planning stage she didn't realise our switchboard was going on the opposite side of the house (however the sparkies obviously didn't realise this at first when they installed the power pole on the garage side of the property originally).
This meant that to wire the switchboard to the sub board was going to require a lot of extra wiring that would potentially cost around $1000, which wasn't in the quote as she didn't notice the position of the switchboard.
Her boss said he was going to try to fit all the circuits in the switchboard which meant we may be able to eliminate the need for that sub board and get a $580 refund. Yeah!

Next day she called back to say he wasn't able to fit the circuits on so we weren't going to be getting the refund however they wouldn't charge us for the extra wiring cost as it was a mistake on their behalf. So thats A-ok with us.

We have so many circuits as I have added provisions for outdoor lights, a future pool and its lights,pump etc, and we have lots of lights & powerpoints inside the house - better to be able to handle the load than not, I say!

We are getting standard batten light fittings throughout the house (except in bathrooms where they are installing downlights) and are changing them all after handover.

Jason went past the site on Friday and the AC guy was there installing all the ducting for our ducted system - and it seems lucky he did so as he asked Jason where the control panels for the AC were to be placed.
The position of the downstairs one is marked on the electrical plan so he must not have had a copy.
When we did the electrical plan initially I requested a 2nd control pad (standard is one - how ridiculous for a 2 storey house!!) but it was inadvertantly left off the plan so it was added later, we were charged for it - a hefty $550 when the AC already costs around $14K - but it appears to have been left off the final plan.
No matter though, they should be in the right spot now.

Jason had to go onsite to show the guy where to put the control panels so he snapped a few pics while he was in there.

Oh, and our beautiful big timber sliders & sliding stacking doors have been delivered!! The frames were just sitting outside the house leaning up against the garage when Jason drove by on Friday and Saturday - probably would have been good of they had put them inside out of view (and out of the torrential rain that battered our suburb on Saturday, but if they get pinched its not our problem I guess..

Woo! How exciting!

So I guess the brickies still need to go back and brick up this hole where they thought the meter box was going..


Panels for sliding doors. Cant wait to see those installed and stained :)

Frames for doors.

I love these doors! We chose stacking sliders and sliders over bi-fold mainly due to the HUGE cost difference. Our house came with one set of bi-folds due to the promotion package we took, so we swapped that out for sliders which worked out well cost wise. These doors (3 sets in total) will open up the dining and lounge area so much I think it will be fine having a fixed panel as opposed to the open space bi-folds provide.

Apparently we are due for brick cleaning this week among other things so I am awaiting a call from our SS and will update when I have something interesting to report!


Have just spoken with our SS - the doors have been delivered too early and he has asked for them to be picked up again tomorrow, he said he doesnt want them there until after gyprocking is done to lessen the chance of damage ( I like his style!).

In other news: Electricians will be back to finish the rough in this week, the roof is currently missing about 10 square m's of tile as they ran out so that will be finished Tue/Wed (hopefully), eaves and cladding will go on this week also (so excited about that!) and the bricks will be cleaned. BIG week on site - this will be the last week we are driven by the weather so we need it to behave!!

The following week: - we will meet on site so I can check things out before gyprock starts, I want to take pics of all the walls to help locate noggins etc once the gyprock goes up, and that week gyprock will start.

The staircase will go in that week or the following.

Its ALL happening now!!


  1. woo hoo, what an exciting week ahead! Now...we just need the rain to disappear for another week or so!

  2. Wow! So many things happening all at once. How exciting it must be!

    Interesting you were quoted $550 for a second air-conditioning control panel. We were told $550 is to upgrade the standard panel to a multi-zone control pad. To add a second standard panel was $730, and to have 2x upgraded pad it was $1425.

    Our Laguna also will have to meter box on the study side as the street electrical box is on that side. Like you guys we added many power point, light points, and pool circuits and no mention of a second switchboard so far.

  3. Christophe that is very interesting. I was told at out appointment when I upgraded to the larger AC unit and 2 control pads I got the better control pads automatically. I hope that info was correct! I wasnt given any other options to have different control panels at all.

    In our contract we included ducted AC but it was the smaller 6HP 15kw unit, which we were told at electrical will not be able to run in the whole house at the same time so we chose to upgrade to the larger 8HP 20kw unit for an extra $2550. Do you have the larger or smaller one? Maybe that makes a difference?

  4. Just for comparison sakes in terms of how many extra lights/powerpoints/outdoor circuits etc, our electrical variation came in at $29K. Yes, you read that right!!

    That includes the AC upgrade, extra control panel, exhaust fans, lots of extra light points, dimmers, 2 and 3 way switches, underfloor heating to master ensuite and main bathroom, phone points, data points, supports to mount tvs on wall, heated towel rail, outdoor light fittings, stair lights, fans for balcony and outdoor room, security system, extra alarm control panel, extra sensor for alarm etc etc.. its a LOT of stuff!!

  5. I love those doors, too! Tobes won't let me get new doors for the front and back of our place. Hon, can you get Jas to work on him for me??? :)

  6. Shayne,
    Good to know we weren't the only ones who loaded up on Electricals (power bill increases anyone?!)- ours came to $27K. Add that to the $15K for Studio M additionals and the price just keeps going up and up! Your home is really coming together now, and looks awesome.
    Have a lovely day, Anita

  7. Carls - I will tell Jas to do his best - you know what Tobes is like though;)

    Hi Anita,

    Thanks for the comment, its getting exciting now - I think the next 2-3 weeks we will see some really huge changes.

    I just realised I added items into that electrical total that we didn't end up accepting but the total still ran to just over $22K - and I could easily have gone higher!

    We also ended up with around $18 in variations at Studio M (some of which should have been added at tender stage but I kept getting told "Oh, thats a studio M thing"!)

    So its nice to know we are not alone! I keep reading blogs where they say they spent $5K at Studio M and around the same in electrical and I am amazed, haha.

    Which design are you building?

  8. Hi Shayne,
    I agree about the initial contract point - it would have been good to know from the start what the extras we desired would cost!! We are building the Laguna 36 like you guys, but in Modern Facade. Our "reasonably priced" Metricon home is now close to $600K (and of course that doesn't include carpets, floorboards, driveway, screen doors, decking, fences, landcsaping, pool - as you would know!!)It will be awesome when finished though. I love reading your blog each week as we are hopefully a few weeks off Council Approval so at the complete other end of the process! Hope you will be in before Christmas? What are your chances?

  9. Hi Anita,

    I think our chances of being in anywhere near to Christmas are buckleys and none! haha. Funny when we first signed on the dotted line our sales person said "Oh you will be in by next Christmas!" - I wish! We signed early December last year so it is possible but it didn't work out that way for us unfortunately.

    Wow - you guys have gone all out! Its SO easy to do, I totally understand. What did you add - if you don't mind me asking? Great to hear about another Laguna 36 - are you in Sydney too?

    Godd luck with council - ours was pretty quick even though Metricon had to go back and change quite a few things while plans were going through council, I was really impressed with our Council's speed in the end!

  10. Hi Shayne,
    Yep, we are also in Sydney - Northern Beaches area. Still waiting for Council approval, hopefully before Christmas. Your place is coming along I look at where you're at with the building with envy!! We can't wait to get started ourselves...
    You asked what we added to the Laguna 36, here is a general idea....We took the display at The Ponds as it was inside, and made a few extra changes. So that meant the ensuite (can't wait to use that free-standing bath - bliss!), grand outdoor room, grand outdoor balcony, fireplace, shelving in living/dining, etc. Also took the kitchen as displayed, and changed all benchtops to 40mm thick. The study downstairs we converted to a bedroom, changed the large side window to half the length. We added a shower to the powder room downstairs, so the laundry entry changed, as did the powder room. We widened the garage and added a storgae area at the rear. We changed all windows to sliding, and added 3 sets of bi-folds to the rear of our house (family on 2 sides and dining) so the whole back of the house opens up. Added stacker doors to main bedroom balcony. We also changed the main bathroom upstairs, deleted the bath and made the shower bigger and added a double vanity. Lots of other little things too (hence the price hike!) at Studio M Colour Selection stage and Electrical Selection stage. Also we are located in a flood zone, so we had to raise the house and garage so there will be more steps, brickwork, etc. We also have made the whole top floor timber boards the whole way around, and the whole bottom floor is rendered. No exposed bricks. Now I write this down I can see why our price sky rocketed!! ha ha
    Hope loads gets achived this week on your block with all this gorgeous sunshine....

  11. Oh WOW Anita - you guys went to town on the changes!! haha.

    It will be fantastic though :) If I had really had more time to think about it and had researched more I think I would have changed a few more things slightly but nothing too major :)

    So no bath in the main bathroom? Thats a good idea if you don't have small kids - I wouldn't have thought of that! The size of the vanity in there annoys me but with only one 2 year old currently I think by the time it is a real issue it may well be due for a reno anyway - hahaha!

    I would have loved the bath in the ensuite but decided I could walk to the other bathroom and really needed the extra wardrobe over the bath (for Jason - the whole walk in is MINE!!).

    Will you be blogging about your house - I would love to see the progress!!