Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Doing a happy dance!

You guessed it folks - we have a ROOF!

I was scared to look out the window this morning, expecting the weather to be against us after some ferocious storms ripped through the Sydney area last night - and it had been raining but maybe not at the block :)

So after receiving confirmation from our SS that the roofers were indeed working today our son and I swung by on our way home from Gymbaroo class - and even he was super excited to see so much happening!!

Six guys working away!

Back view  - not far off complete

From a few houses up the street - due to the curve of our street and the setback of the two houses next door our place looks massive!

A tiny section left to add tiles - then I guess its onto the capping etc. These were taken at 11am so I assume they will finish today. SO happy to finally see that roof!!

I sent Jason a photo from my iphone and he thinks the tiles look blue! I hope not!!

Now bring on the carpenters and cladding..


  1. Nice guys - roof tiles look like the ones we chose too :)


  2. YAY!! Your place now has a 'hat' too :) Looks fantastic!

  3. YAY! What sort of tiles are these? I havent seen them up here, well the profile anyway...

  4. Thanks guys - pretty excited here! Of course now thats done I'm anxious for the next thing to start - I think this building thing may give me an ulcer ;) LOL

    The tiles are Bristile Classic in Coal - thats all the info I have! Thinking back, I would have liked the ones that are even flatter - almost like a shingle but in reality from the front you can barely see the tiles so I wont see them all that much anyway!

  5. How nice to know that the inside of your house will now be forever dry!! Ours is full of mud!!

    Love the tiles, we would have liked completely flat ones too... but the price tag I just couldn't justify... we have the same as yours, but darker :)

  6. haha Lauren - almost dry! The cladding needs to go on and I think we will get more rain before that goes on, but of course nowhere near as much can come in now! The mud around our place is nuts - I havent been inside for weeks - I am kind of dreading it..I'm sure its filthy!!

    Ooh, I debated over getting the darker colour tiles, look forward to seeing them on your place. Yep, I agree, I preferred to allocate extra money to things I would see everyday rather than the roof ;)

  7. Yipee a roof finally, understand how happy you are. Ours will start tomorrow, delayed cause of the rain.
    Quite like the coal colour nice against your bricks.
    We went for gun metal, slightly darker.
    Bring on the carpenters! :)

  8. Looking very nice, my dear. Curve in the road or not, your place IS massive! :)

  9. Sandrine looking forward to seeing pics of your roof too :) Apparently our scaffolding will cme down and bricks will be cleaned in the next few days - very excited to see that!

    Carls, LMAO, its definitely massive compared to your pad :P - but in terms of building bloggy land there are bigger out there believe it or not!!
    I cant wait to spread my wings in all that space ;)