Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh happy (fine weather) day!

After my conversation with our SS yesterday true to his word when Jason drove by today there was a guy there installing the fascia and gutters, although it seems he didn't get to the site until mid morning so there wasn't too much to see when Jason was there.

We received an update call from our SS at about 6pm tonight to say that the guy was still there working away - good to hear - and that the roof tiles were indeed all set to go ahead tomorrow, weather permitting. There were loads of roof tiles there today.

He also said that, all things going well the eaves will go on next week and hopefully the cladding, however he did mention that they are a bit short on carpenters at the moment - oh no!

Here are a few pics from today -

You can see some fascia on the left hand side of the house and more waiting to be hauled up top leaning on the scaffolding at the front. And LOTS of roof tiles.

Jason saw our neighbour (house to the left in this photo) today and she is a bit upset that the house is 'bigger than she thought' and that apparently it has blocked her view down the street (she likes to sit on the balcony on a sunny day).. Can't please everyone unfortunately - especially building in an established suburb.. 
I understand where she is coming from but we did comply with all council regs and if we had sold our block it is more than likely a developer would have filled it up with townhouses, as its a decent sized block. This is happening more and more in our area.
 On the other side of our house we have 4 sets of townhouses, which are not exactly small.

The house looks really big from the street, our side of the street is higher than the other so that adds to the height. I think it wont be so imposing once the scaffolding is down and we have landscaped etc..

A lucky coincidence that the fence happens to taper down right near the front of our house. Eventually we will add a low fence all the way to the front of our yard and all the way across the front. I like being contained ;)

Hoping to have news of more progress tomorrow night.

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