Monday, November 8, 2010

NOT happy Jan...

Ok so after the wet weather held up the roof going on late last week we were told if it didn't happen Saturday, Monday would be the day. I was thrilled to see the sun this morning however storms are forecast for late this afternoon. No problem I thought, tradesmen start early, they should get most of it on before it rains..
I get a text from Jason at 9am telling me the site is empty. Again.

Jason sent our SS a message and got a super fast response telling us he was on it.

Just got word that tomorrow there will be a large crew there and it will be done.

No idea why they are not there today. The forecast for tomorrow involves rain, so let's see what the morning brings. If it rains I will scream!!!

In three weeks there has been about 2.5 days work completed on site, and we are dying to see something happen soon..

Sorry for the vent folks, I am sure those of you building feel my pain!


  1. aarrghh, how annoying for you. These rare sunny days are very precious! Fingerscrossed for plenty of action on your block tomorrow.

  2. Sorry to hear of more delays for you guys. I wish we were being held up by rain instead of the builder / certifier and council.

    When we lived in the UK I felt bad for the tradies. They went to work in virtually any weather (freezing and rain was the default) because if they had to wait for a dry day nothing would ever get done. These Aussie builders are spoiled :)

  3. Rachel - exactly - thats why I am SO frustrated! The forecast isnt great for the rest of the week at this stage so if they missed today and it rains all week I will be LIVID! Hows it going at your place?

    Nick, I hear you - it took 9 months for us to get from initial deposit to site start so we had our fair share of delays before we got here now I just want it to be go go go!
    I agree about the tradies - they would not cope in the UK!

  4. Yes...It's rained in the mornings on our site and the tradies have left..Then it fines up after 10am and there is no one onsite.

    The way I look at it is they have 65 days to do what they want with. Outside that and it will start costing them (55 day off and 10 days wet, 180 days total).

  5. Robert thats a good way to look at it - although our time frame is quite a bit longer being double storey, so I haven't bothered to work it out yet!

    I cant help but think a wasted day is a day longer until handover, haha!