Thursday, November 11, 2010

A break in transmission..

What an absolutely STUNNING day here in Sydney! A very welcome relief to the stormy rainy days we have seen lately.

Whats happening at the house?

I have no idea because today we are focused on our son and celebrating his 2nd Birthday! Happy Birthday CJ :)

We enjoyed a wonderful day filled with fun, presents, cake, a lovely afternoon in the pool enjoying the sun and will finish it with dinner at a restaurant soon.

I think the electricians are at the house doing their rough in because I have received calls today and yesterday about a few minor issues (which funnily kind of tie in with the power pole being installed in the wrong spot originally..) that I will go into later, and hopefully the bricks will be cleaned tomorrow or Friday but I cant be sure of that either.

I'm actually dying to go over and see whats happening but that won't happen until after the birthday party on Sunday.

Until then..

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  1. Happy Birthday little man! Hope you get some cleaned bricks for your birthday (well, more so for mummy & daddy!). Our youngest turns 2 next month! Scary how quickly time flies huh?