Thursday, November 18, 2010

Drive by post

I did a quick drive by of the site today (around 10am) as I was in the area, thinking I might see some exciting things happen but it was all quiet.

The roof looks like it is pretty much done (from what I could see quickly from the car), and the downpipes appear to have been installed.

The large door frames have been taken away as our SS said they would be, and it looks as though scaffolding has been erected inside the garage - possibly so the chippies can access the top storey exterior to install the cladding any day now. No sign of cladding on site though at this stage.

I noticed water running down the street and traced it back to our site so I hope the tap hasn't been left running! Speaking of water - we need to chase up Sydney Water to find out why our last water bill was the same as the previous one when there was no house on the site (nor a tap!!) for half the billing period. Estimate bill perhaps? Thats a bit rude!!

I won't be back at the house until Monday AM when I have a meeting onsite with our SS to take lots of photos of noggins etc before the walls go up and to have a good look around and to ask him a million questions..

Something else I have to chase up is a letter we received way back in August right before work commenced on site, from a firm claiming we have appointed them our Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) for the build. I forgot all about it thinking it was a letter from a company Metricon uses to do inspections but upon finding it and reading it appears we need to organise these "critical stage inspections" at regular intervals throughout the build.. I'm confused!
We need to chase that up as its a bit late now for a slab and pier inspection to be organised by us!! I was under the understanding that you could arrange for independant inspectors to carry out inspections on your behalf but it wasnt mandatory - whereas the wording in this letter suggests it is mandatory.. I don't remember ever "apponting" anyone as our PCA so..oops!

Anyone else get a letter like this in Sydney before starting their build?

Ok, this post was waaay longer than intended so I will leave you with the hope that we will see eaves, cladding & clean bricks on Monday after a weekend away, and a few quick pics from today - not much new to see sadly!

Lots of broken roof tiles. The front of site is pretty messy actually and needs a good clean up!

Not sure if I mentioned the colour of the cladding will be Dulux Dreyfus,
and the small area of cladding upstairs in the Master bedroom balcony will be Dulux Grey Pebble.


  1. Looking good! Did you sort out who that letter was from? We didn't receive one, not that I know of anyway!

  2. Good point about the independent inspections...We haven't received any letters, just a business card attached to our fence.
    No action on our house at all this week just delivery of the bi folds. No actual work.
    So so over this rain!! Hoping for sunshine and lots of it next week.

  3. Hey Shayne, just a quick response to your post - heading out to enjoy the sunshine!! I remember a similar letter and also didn't take much notice. Spoke to our site supervisor yesterday and asked if we needed to be doing anything at this point or organising inspections etc... and he said he does all of that.... so i'm not going to worry about it! Hope that helps. Lauren x

  4. Hi guys :)

    Lauren I spoke to our SS today - seems our letters were probably the same! Its from an inspector Metricon employs but really on our behalf, so they organise the inspections.

    Sandrine - I bet you are also happy to see sunshine today! The forecast is for lots of sunshine this week so heres to hoping they finish up outside and move on inside where we don't have to worry about the rain anymore!!

    We at least saw *some* action late last week - there can always be more in my opinion however :)

    Lots scheduled for us this week - but I will believe it when I see it..

    Hi Rachael :)