Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh how I love the sunshine - and progress that comes along with it!!

What gorgeous weather we are having here in Sydney this week so far!! Nothing pleases me more than to see the sun and progress on site.

Jason just did a drive by and its all happening this week - brick cleaning appears to be finished from what I can see, the areas to be clad have been wrapped (and maybe insulation has gone in?? Not sure about that though), and the chippies have been busy putting up the framework for the cladding.

Cladding is on site ready to go and according to someone on site Jason spoke to it should be done by tomorrow.

Great week!!

Is there anything better than seeing a tradies vehicle on site??
Thats the cladding for upstairs behind the ute

Wrapped and ready to go!

This elevation is quite visible as you walk or drive down our street so the cladding will add a bit of interest and break up the brick nicely, I think

The stairwell window

From the front corner of the house (in next door neighbours driveway) - study and front portico

With any luck the scaffolding will be down by the weekend or Monday and we will be able to see the 'almost' finished outside product.


  1. YAY for sunshine! I cant wait to see a pic without the scaffold, it will look so much better! Love your bricks, we wanted them but were worried about the white stuff that shows on them. Do you know anything about that?

  2. Hi Cassandra - me too, I am so excited about seeing it 'naked'!

    No! I don't know anything about that problem with the bricks- tell me more!

    Lo-ving the sunshine :) Although after this week it doesn't matter anymore, but it is more than welcome to stay!

  3. Loving the progress....and the sunshine!! At this rate we should all the be locked up by Christmas!

  4. Great progress guys. Bricks look really good. Should be great to see once they drop the monkey bars.