Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just when I thought all the hard decisions were behind me...

I need to decide on a fence/gate to go between our boundary fence and our garage. Its a decent area to span - maybe 4 metres across, so its a big decision aesthetically.

My choices are - a paling fence/gate, hopefully lap and cap style, painted, probably to match the gutters and raintank (Dune) OR a Colorbond fence.

If I went with Colorbond I would try to match in with the gutters etc OR perhaps go dark to tie in with the driveway.. The dark would blend with the landscape/plants etc better but the lighter colour would be a nice contrast to all the brick I think.

Our garage door is dark Timberlook, and our front door is stained Merbau.

Currently around the perimeter of our block we have 8 foot lap and cap paling fences..

Any bloggy pearls of wisdom out there??? Anyone??

There are benefits to Colorbond over timber in the maintenance stakes (with Colorbond there is little to none - maybe a hose down periodically!) - but really, when it comes down to it I just want what will LOOK the best :)

I'll be sure to keep you updated on this all important decision ;)


  1. Shayne, As you have Merbau front door and timberlook garage door have you considered a Merbau fence (horizontal or vertical palings).
    Or the lap and cap paling fence stained in Merbau.
    Do you intend painting/staining the inside of your boundary fences? this would also play a part in your colour choice.
    I agree if colourbond is your choice 'Dune' would contrast the brickwork nicely.
    4 metres wide, good machinery/car access to consider for gate size.
    Decisions, Decisions....good luck.

  2. Thanks Deb :)

    I have considered a Merbau fence but I am hesitant due to the maintenance - as I will be the one doing all the upkeep, plus that of the entire deck (its going to be large!) and all the doors etc in the house. I'm just not sure I will have the time to keep it looking ship shape!

    Planning on leaving the inside of the boundary fences as it - for the most part they will be covered by hedging plants eventually, although I had thought about painting them.. More decisions!

    Yes its nice to have space between the house and boundary - perfect for machines etc when time comes for a pool ;)

  3. I'd go timber :)

    Your house is looking great!! I can't believe you guys started at the same time as us, and we are still this far behind! I am so beyond disgusted with them - our site supervisor seems to just flounder and nothing ever gets done until we jump up and down and contact his managers... and they they work at a snails pace and stuff everything up. They have absolutely taken the shine off having a new house for us - I can't even get excited any more...

  4. The decsion is very simple for me. I had termites at the last house. The didn't really like the taste of the fence, but they still ate it.

    Colourbond was what we used to replace it. It was great! Neat, clean, (And it to its credit, when some "kid" tried to spray paint it, it washed right off with a can of spray I bought. Brilliant!!)

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  6. Such a big decision. I know this would be an expensive option but could you go with a low brick base with brick pillars to match the house & then use the powder coated aluminium pickets or horizontal strips in Dune. I think regular colourbond may look out of place seen as though the rest of the fencing is timber & it carries on past the front corner of your house.
    I cant wait to see what youe choose!!

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  8. I can understand the benefits of having Colourbond - durability, longevity. However, you just can't go past the look of timber. Good luck with your decision and thank you for taking a look at my shop! Have a lovely weekend, Rachaelxx