Saturday, December 3, 2011



I was catching up on all the blogs I read tonight and happened to notice my stats.

We've had exactly 37,700 views on our little blog!

Thanks everyone who has been following and reading :)

I PROMISE I haven't forgotten you all. Just been SUPER busy working on the house, and keeping up with the day to day. There are just NOT enough days in the week or hours in the day..

Our landscaping is done and dusted for the moment so I will do a proper post on that soon - but for now heres a sneaky peek..


  1. Busy like all of us and loving the new house Shayne? Clearly '37,700 viewers' are waiting for more than a sneak peak!!

    Those standard Fiscus? look like their thriving.
    Isn't it wonderful to see green after months of construction and mud.

  2. Wow just found your post, we are about to start building and have choosen similar colours, it is great to see our vision in real life! Thanks for doing this blog, can't wait to start ours!

  3. Ya big tease!!! Looks great... Can't wait to see the big reveal. But there's no hurry, we're not going anywhere :)

  4. The landscaping looks great. Well done! Amber

  5. It's looking good. I like it when things are lined up neatly!