Friday, November 5, 2010

Another rainy morning

Unfortunately it was raining first thing this morning so no work took place on site. It had stopped by 8am and was dry the rest of the day but our SS explained to Jason that they decide at 6am if it is too wet to work (to comply with OH&S regulations), regardless of whether or not it dries out during the day.

So I drove past the house on my way home from a day out with our son and this is what I saw:

I am loving the look of the bricks right up to the fascia at the back there, really happy with my colour selection!

No roof tiles on yet - seems yesterday all they did was prep ready to put the tiles on. Doesn't seem like they were there all that long yesterday. Mind you I'm no expert on what they had to do to prepare. I know they put those yellow barriers up..

Our SS told Jason he was going to see if they could work tomorrow, not sure how the weather will be at 6am though:) The forecast is : Cloudy, Isolated showers. Not sure if they can work but if they can lets hope the rain is not at our house!

In other news our Customer Service girl called to see how things were going.  I find it interesting that if anyone calls they always call Jason, despite the fact that they know I did all the Studio M selections alone, and every contact with Customer Service has been from me, haha. She has probably had enough of my voice ;)

Happy Weekend everyone - I hope all of you building see some action over the weekend and coming week!

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  1. This weather is frustrating isn't it!! Hope we get some fine weather next week and your tiling can get well underway! I love your guttering and fascia...good taste :) Have a great weekend xx