Thursday, October 7, 2010

The brickwork keeps progressing nicely

Despite what I  originally thought this week seems to be have been productive over at the house!

It looks like the brickies have done almost all they can do without scaffolding, which I believe may be erected tomorrow ready for them to power on with upstairs next week.

Upstairs will be a combination of brickwork and cladding - mostly bricks at the back and cladding at the front and down the sides to varying distances.

Here are a few pics Jason managed to snap during a quick drive by this morning -

View from the block behind us. Is that a guy I spy upstairs??

Along one side of the house. Thats the study window in the foreground, its set about 1600mm off the floor. In hindsight I would have raised that higher - to take into account the ceiling height at the front of the house and to be able to place higher furniture along that wall. Initially that was to be a larger window which I changed so I could utilise the wall more effectively. One wall in there is open to the staircase and the other has two vertical windows which make it a hard to use space.

The other side of the house. On that outside wall of the garage is where the water tank and AC unit will live. That cutout in the wall is where the water tank control until will eventually be fitted.

Portico with study windows. Those two pillars that are currently going nowhere will make up the front of the balcony above. Looking forward to having a nice big undercover area at the entrance to the house.

I forgot to mention in my last post that the bricklayer said he ordered more bricks to site as he threw lots away as rejects he wasn't happy with - great to now he has a good eye for detail. From what I can see the bricking looks beautiful - very even, nice even mortar - just cant wait to see them washed!! That won't be for a little while though.

Heres hoping bricks might be done at the end of next week - then I wonder if the roof or cladding comes next??

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