Thursday, January 27, 2011

Goodbye ladder!

Huge news over at the house!!

I drove by Tuesday morning after a frantic morning getting myself and the 2 year old out of the house and dropping him off at daycare (Jason is in the US), completely expecting to see nothing happening..

I was however, SUPER excited to see a truck backed up in the driveway and through the window I could see the outline of a staircase, already well on the way to being in place!

So excited that I in fact exclaimed to an empty car "the stairs are going in!!". Tragic.

I'd been told Wednesday or Thursday would be the day so yay for things being early ;)

As I went back past in the afternoon - around 2.30, the guys building the stairs were packing up and saw me peeking up the driveway so invited me in the have a quick look :)

Without further ado - pics..

SO exciting, a huge milestone in the build for me..

Seeing that gate open is the BEST sight during a build!

Woohoo! On the right I added a door and will utilise that space as a storage area (where you can see the tradies toolbelt ;) )

View from the study of staircase.
 Gyprockers need to come back at some stage and wall up under the stairs. Note cornices finished also.

Looking from study back into hallway/garage access door on right, through to living/laundry/powder room on left

Looking from upstairs 

From upstairs living looking back to stairs. We chose to upgrade from the standard staircase at a cost of around $1600- $1700 to match the one displayed at The Ponds. Looking really forward to seeing that gorgeous timber stained.

The remainder of this week will see the skirtings, architraves and I *think* internal doors and front door?? delivered, ready for fixing next week..


  1. Woohoo stairs!!! Agree with you its a such a milestone in the build. Looks great Shayne. We were told that ours would be done today and that our stairs were on the truck this morning, but they didn't make it to our place. Lets hope they go on tomorrow and we can celebrate too :)

  2. Yay for stairs! Big step in the progress. Very happy for you, they look amazing!

  3. Thanks Ladies :)

    Sandrine thats good - our gyprock was finished two weeks so at least you haven't had to wait as long! Fingers crossed they show up tomorrow :)

  4. Very grand! Can't wait to see them stained! I thought our were stained timber but they will be painted :( I guess that was one of the upgrades we had to delete to get the colorbond roof!

    I can really get a feel for which rooms are where through those photos. So exciting! When is Jason home?

  5. I cant wait either Rachael :) I should clarify the railings will be stained but the treads will be carpeted - apart from the first step :)

    Its sneaky displaying the upgraded stairs in the display home - I'd have no idea what standard stairs are! I really wanted to go with the upgrade as the stairs are right there when you enter the home so they are quite prominent :)

    Jason is home early Monday AM - cant wait!!

  6. Congratulations Shayne!!!!! Looks fab :))) Sooo jealous right now! lol