Friday, January 14, 2011

Rocking along!

I went past the house today on my way to pick up the little man from daycare and the gyprockers were hard at work doing the joins - it appeared as though downstairs was mostly done and they moved upstairs as I poked my head in and said hello.

The change from a frame to real walls is amazing - its really taking shape now and starting to feel and look like somewhere we might actually live soon!

I took a few quick snaps then got out of the way.


Looking in from front door

From Outdoor Room into Family/Kitchen (thats the Tasmanian Oak panelling they removed from the Outdoor Room ceiling haphazardly stacked outside now..)

Dining Room in foreground and Kitchen will be in that recess on the back wall


Looking from Kitchen into Family Room

Family Room

Looking back toward front door - living room through the cut out on the left. Fridge cavity on the right.

From Dining Room looking into Living and beyond into hallway

From outside into Family Room.

Love love love seeing progress! Wonder what next week holds??

We haven't heard from our SS properly this week so look forward to seeing/hearing what is in store in the coming week.

Hope you all have a safe weekend.


  1. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. Loving your bricks too!!

  2. Exciting!! Great things are moving along for you! I can give you an insight on to whats next...our cornice was done yesterday and apparently the internal stairs and other internal carpentry (including front door) is booked for next week.

  3. HI Ladies!

    Thanks Reinsey, I love our bricks too :)

    Thanks Rachael, I am expecting cornices very soon as they are there ready to go! We asked about stairs and our SS told Jason something about most trades not being back until the week after the one coming so who knows? Originally, when the gyprock was supposed to be done over the Xmas-New Year week our SS said he was trying to book a carpenter for this week so hopefully he has secured one for next!

    Its getting exciting again!

  4. Coming along well! I just heard a friend of my dad's is building a laguna in NSW, so I'll have to point out this blog to him :)


  5. Looking great Shayne. I LOVE your bricks! It really starts to feel like a house once the gyprock goes on and you can start to feel what the spaces will be like!

  6. Wow, you'll be moving in in no time!! Looking sooo good!

  7. Fandidlytastic!! Looking good Shayne!! :)P.s LOVE your bricks too!!!

  8. Looks fantastic. Are you starting to place what furniture will go where inside your head. Getting exciting again now.
    We are booked to have our gyprocking this Tuesday :)

  9. Looking good! It's amazing how much of a difference gyprock makes.