Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Start stop.

Well true to their word the gyprockers were finished by Saturday afternoon when we drove past, so it took then a total of four days to get the whole place done, except for around the stairs that aren't installed yet, and around the sliding doors in the family/dining rooms - I guess they come back and do that after the doors are installed.

Yesterday the site was empty as I drove by.

Jason just spoke to our SS, apparently this week they are "finishing things up around the gyprock"..whatever that means.. I think it means basically nothing is going on!

Next week stairs are scheduled to go in and I think he said architraves, and I imagine cornices too - unless cornices are going on this week.. (This is what happens when Jason speaks to the SS - its like a bad game of Chinese whispers!! LOL).

After that the doors will be installed and the week after - first week in Feb, the kitchen is due to be installed. Originally that was planned for late Jan so I guess trades are still scarce an things are slipping back a little.

I wonder if we will be in by Easter - which is late April this year? If not I will definitely cry! And probably throw some stuff around too..LOL

I was hoping late March for PCI, handover soon after. Lots of houses seem to be done 8 weeks or so after gyprock has finished but I have a feeling ours will be dragging..

I hope you all see some progress this week!!


  1. Metricon definitely have efficiency issues. Where I see with other builder, usually there is always someone on site each day. Even my neighbour noticed it too. Metricon really need to control their contractors a lot more.

    I sometime wonder if my SS knows what he's doing someday also. He tell me something and something else happens. I wonder if they are too overloaded with work or just confused about which job you are talking about.

    I was due for handover yesterday, but issues have arisen that will delay it. So I'm in the same boat, with the waiting game.

  2. Well we havent seen any progress since Dec 13th!! This is ridiculous! If I knew Metricon would take this long with every stage I would have gone with another company!

    Shayne I think you will def be in by Easter! :)

  3. "a bad game of Chinese whispers"... HILARIOUS (and I totally know what you're talking about) ha ha ha.
    I think there needs to be more women involved in the construction industry. Then we'd get a logical flow of trades and clear communciation - for 3 out of every 4 weeks at least!!!!!

  4. You will definitely be in by Easter...surely they will be done in 13 weeks?! We are counting on being in by Easter, that is what's keeping us going! LOL

  5. JayJay I wonder if here in Sydney they have become busy quite quickly and don't have enough trades lined up ? Metricon is relatively new to the NSW building market so perhaps they just arent fully prepared? Either way I was hoping things would move a little faster!

    Tonia & Rachael - I was secretly hoping for a late March handover but I think thats near impossible..LOL. Early April would be great - late April I may cry!

    Tonia our early stages were like a whirlwind, although we had a different SS then so I surprised yours is lagging.. Hope they get a move on with yours soon!
    Reinsey, LOL, glad I made you giggle! I agree more women in construction!!