Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday inactivity..

Drove by the house this morning after daycare dropoff and was greeted by and empty site and a locked gate..


Also no sign of the skirting, architraves and internal doors that were due for delivery last week.

There is however a pile of sand and some bags of cement in the garage - not sure what thats for?

I called our SS and he told me there had been a problem with the delivery and he was "hoping" it would come tomorrow then a fixing carpenter would be on site as soon as the materials were delivered to fix it all.

Waterproofing and kitchen are scheduled for this week - so in our SS's words - its all happening. Just not today.

Hopefully tomorrow?

Shame the AC and power aren't connected - any trades that show up will swelter in the temps we are forecast to have this week!


  1. That's just rude them not being on site today!!!!!

  2. I know our tilers used sand - might be for tiling. The bags that look like cement could be adhesive / grout?

  3. Reinsey rude indeed!! I keep saying if there were tradies on site everyday they would have these places finished in half the time ;)

    Nevets - its definitely cement - the bags say so ;) LOL

  4. Shame you didn't see any action today, hopefully you do tomorrow. We got our front door installed today and are officially locked out :)

  5. Sandrine that very exciting!! We have NO doors installed to date (and only our sliders have been delivered as yet..) so we aren't locked out just yet!

    It is disappointing to see idle days at this late stage - I just want things to happen - and at a steady pace!!