Thursday, December 9, 2010

Conversation with SS today, and HAPPY 100 DAYS!

Today is 100 days since out site started!!

I received a message from Jason to call our SS as he had to talk to me about a drainpipe that needs to go on the house, so I called him and we spoke about a few things.

So the balcony at the front of the house has two floorwastes but it seems no drainpipe was actually on the plans for these wastes to drain into so the plumber spoke to our SS about it and wasn't willing to go ahead and just install the thing without our permission.

Which I kind of get. These volume builders are so strict about us making changes etc and all the I's are dotted and T's crossed so I guess he was just covering himself incase I for some reason refused it and he had to come back and take it down.

Anyway - its necessary so what can I do? Its on the less prominent side of the front of the house and should be tucked away neatly, and will be painted to match so all is good.

We also discussed what's going to happen in the few short weeks leading up to Xmas.

Unfortunately the roofers have been called back in as our SS isn't 100% happy with some of their work, which of course has implications to the timeline.

The scaffolding was due to come down tomorrow but as the roofers need it that has been delayed until next Wednesday. Which in turn delays the all important gyprock, which a few weeks ago was almost a certainty to be in by Xmas now it seems we *may* just scrape it in.

Painters also need to come back now to paint that drainpipe which also requires scaffolding.

And once the scaffold comes down those two little sections of roof I keep banging on about need to be done.

Our SS said he is doing his very best to get that gyprock up before Xmas. At one point he was hoping to have that and waterproofing done - if we were really lucky tiles on site and maybe even laid, but I would say that a distant dream now!

If we see that gyprock before Xmas shutdown I will be ecstatic.

Oh, I noticed way back when I was onsite the Tasmanian Oak timber lining for the ceilings of both Outdoor Rooms was no longer in the driveway where it was placed when delivered so I think the carpenters must have installed it - cannot wait to see it! Now I am kicking myself that we didn't have the ceiling of the portico done too - due to the height of the building and the view of it from the street it would have been highly visible and a lovely feature.. Oh well..

You can see it here in these pics:

Cannot. Wait.


  1. Happy 100 days Shayne!

    Why don't you get a carpenter to do the ceiling for you in timber? That's what we are doing! Didn't want Metricon to do it as it would have cost too much to do our back room and our portico so just getting our carpenter to do it all for us!

  2. Yeah thats probably what we will do - eventually. Its been added to my list. LOL.

    The Oak lined ceilings we did get were included in the price of the Outdoor Rooms which was great :)