Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sun sunshiney day!

Well after a false start yesterday I am thrilled with todays progress :)

Our SS confirmed painters would be there yesterday but upon driving by the place was empty. After a quick text he let us know the painters had been there and decided the cladding was too wet from the recent rain so they had to let it dry out some more.

It was seriously humid and very warm yesterday so thankfully it looks like it was dry enough to work on today!!

After a morning out the 2 year old and I drove by and as I drove up the street I had a sinking feeling as there were no cars out front and the gate was shut..until I actually looked at the house..

Cladding and downpipes painted in Dulux Dreyfus (very similar to Colorbond Dune).

Eaves painted Dulux Surfmist.

Love. It.

In this pic you can see the two small sections of roof still to be completed and will need to be done before gyprocking can start (well downstairs at least) as the rain comes straight through into the study and kitchen as is..

So - hooray! Thank goodness the rain has given us enough of a reprieve for the painters to come and work their magic.

I am SO thrilled with the colour - in fact all the colours so far!

The colour looks much better in person and of course the scaffolding obscures it so once that is gone it will look great.

So QA is booked for tomorrow apparently - after that I'm none the wiser..

Forecast for tomorrow at this stage is for a shower or two but hopefully that wont eventuate.


  1. WOW, looks fantastic. Really like the colour.
    We are still waiting for our scaffolding to come down, before anything else can happen. Its great having some sunshine back :)

  2. Very nice :) Love the paint choices! Looks fantastic Shayne and it all blends in nicely!

    We have chosen colorbond dune for all guttering, fascia and downpipes..with dulux vivid white for the eaves..hope it all goes well together!

  3. Thanks girls :)

    Sandrine where are things up to at your place? Do you have cladding at all? If so is it painted yet?
    I get the impression our scaffold is due to come down any day now as the SS told us yesterday the painting had to be done in the next few days as after that the scaffolding will be gone. Any word on when your gyprock starts?

    Tonia I think Dune with Vivid White will be a lovely contrast. What colour are your bricks? Are you rendering at all?

  4. Loving the colours, it's coming together beautifully!! HOORAY for getting some work done! Nada at our site again today and SS not returning our calls.....