Thursday, December 30, 2010

The suspense is killing me..

Hi all - hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for a lovely New Years Eve.

The weather here in Sydney is absolutely stunning. After a very hot and sunny Christmas Day we had a rainy old Boxing Day (which I think is kinda nice anyway) which eventually cleared up then after that we had a few grey days however yesterday and today have been sensational and tomorrow is shaping up to follow suit.

Which means heading out into the yard for a swim very soon! I will really miss having a pool when our house is finally ready, and I know our 2 year old will too!

So onto the house..

I went over to stickybeak around on Boxing Day (I wanted to stand there and think about how great next Xmas will be!) and despite our SS being told otherwise there was NO gyprock to be seen, only one out of the 3 small remaining sections of roof had been completed (we were told they would be done this year so they still have time), and I discovered the Tasmanian Oak lining that had been so beautifully installed on the ceiling of our Outdoor Room had been removed to install a noggin for our ceiling fan (which we paid for and is on our variations list but somehow was left off the final plans I believe).

This is great to see, however I am concerned they will just re-use those Oak boards that have now been forcibly removed and are more than likely now sporting some damage from the removal process..

Time will tell I guess.

According to our SS the elusive insulation is being installed today, and the gyprockers will start tomorrow, but like everything else with the house of late I will believe it when I see it.

Tomorrow marks 4 months since site start, I had initially hoped, when things were moving so fast that we would be up to painting or tiling over the break but clearly thats not to be..

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve - bring on 2011 and the completion of all our homes!!


  1. Hey Shayne! Hope you had a great Christmas! We did the same thing..went to our block on xmas day imagining us being there next year! hehe

    Hope they don't reuse the oak boards if they are damaged! Make sure you say something to your SS!

    Have an awesome new years babe! xo

  2. Shayne, thanks 4 stopping by my (slightly strange) blog and sharing our build. It's TOO exciting that we'll all be in our beautiful new homes this year.
    We're going to go down to our block today to roll around each room of our scrape. Aarrrgggghhhhh... The waiting is torture!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tonia I couldn't resist! Its nuts that I was already looking forward to next Xmas before this one had passed but I guess we are all doing that in a way :)

    Hi Reinsey,
    Thanks for stopping by! Its VERY exciting to think this is the year we will all be in our homes - we started this crazy ball rolling in Dec 2009 so I cant wait!!
    I'm going to look at our newly installed insulation in the crazy heat we have here today - yay!