Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happenings at the house over Xmas..

I spoke to our SS today who ran me through what has been and will be going on at our place in the next few weeks..

He said:

   -  the gutter and fascia for the remaining small sections of roof should have gone on yesterday (he hadn't been there to confirm that as yet)

 -  the roof tiles for those sections would go on before the end of the year

 - Gyprock would be delivered today, and the gyprockers were working through the Xmas-NY period to get it all installed

 - On Jan 12th our doors should arrive and also on that day a fixing carpenter would be onsite

 - Stairs soon to follow..

 - Kitchen is booked in for late Jan (cannot WAIT to see that!)

He said he was heading out to our place this afternoon to check on things and was also waiting for the go ahead from the certifier for the all clear for the gyprock to start. Our SS will be back from leave on Jan 10th.

So hopefully we will see some big changes over the holiday period with bigger things to come once most trades get back into the swing of things in the new year.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!

I will be checking in as usual over the holidays and will be posting as the action unfolds - if indeed it does!!


  1. Wow! Working through the holiday! That's good..

  2. Out of interest...are they chinese? Our gyprock was delivered this week and the guys will start work tomorrow. They're Chinese and don't celebrate Christmas so they're working through. YAY!

  3. Robert its great! Although I will believe it when I see it..haha

    Rachael my guess is they may well be Chinese - or just hard workers!
    I hope to pop past at some point and see the action so I will let you know when I find out.
    Good news on your gyprock starting - I cant believe how much they have acheived on your site in such a short time!!

  4. Hi Shayne,
    Great news re your gyprock.I was told from our CSR that they can't comment and commit to any work over the Christmas period as they are officially shut down for the break.
    Different story if you speak to the SS's though.
    Happy Christmas to u and your family :)

  5. Its different stories everywhere you turn isn't it Sandrine?

    Turns out we are STILL waiting on insulation (which as Jason pointed out is odd considering all that happened with the government rebates for the insulation that were then revoked etc etc - so basically insulation is in abundance!) so gyprock starts Dec 31st at this stage!

    Hope all is going well at your place? Have a great Xmas!