Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Surprise!

We drove past the house at about 1pm today on our way home from Yum Cha (yum!) and were pretty surprised to see the house naked!!

The scaffolding was GONE.

As we got closer we saw the guys were actually still there just finishing up, stacking all the components of the scaffolding in the driveway ready to be collected and taken away.

So of course I took a stack of pics in my excitement.

Looking from the driveway side of the house (out on the nature strip). Section of roof over garage still to be completed.

Garage and bedroom, and toilet and bathroom windows.

View from rear. This is the first time I have been up here since the painters finished. I hadn't yet seen the cladding around the Grand Balcony painted, nor had I noticed the timber windows in our bedroom appear to have been stained. They look great (from a distance anyway!)

Master bedroom windows

Grand Balcony

Grand Balcony and Outdoor Room

Looking up at the Grand Balcony - timber still to be stained


  1. OMG WOW!!! Looks fanfreakntastic!!! :)))

  2. Looks great Shayne! You and Jason must be so happy with your colour choices!! :)

  3. WOW WOW WOW!! A naked house....woo hoo! Looks fabulous!

    A question, how did your window sills hold up with all the wet weather? Ours are moudly!