Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick update

After an unanswered text from me on Monday and two unanswered calls from Jason today and yesterday we heard back from our SS today and got an update on why the site is deserted after so much was scheduled to happen this week..

Apparently they can't get any insulation until next week so everything has ground to a halt waiting for it.. Oversight in  ordering it perhaps??

So the new plan is - insulation next week, gyprockers will work over the Xmas-New Year period and architraves etc *may* happen around Jan 7th but thats not a certainty yet - but in this building game - what is certain?

The bits of roof still to be done were scheduled for tomorrow  but I'm not sure if that is still going ahead or not..

I will update as I have something to report..


  1. was there any progress today with your roof cos of the rain and hail? Silly weather..sunny in the morning..then sprinkles..then sunny and then rain and hail! lol

  2. No idea Tonia!

    At one point we were told the last 3 tiny sections of roof were being installed today but seeing as the site has been quiet all week I'm not sure if that was still going ahead today.

    We are going out to dinner right near our house tonight so will drive by then :)