Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whats happening at the house?

I drove by the house quickly at 9am yesterday and the scaffolding had already been picked up and taken away but there was nothing else happening at that point so I am very curious to know what's been going on since then!

Before the gyprock can go up the insulation must be installed ( R4.0 to the ceiling, R2.0 to external walls and party wall between house and garage, and we have upgraded to soundscreen  R1.6 insulation in the internal walls around Beds 2,3 & 4), and of course the gyprock must be delivered.

Something I pointed out to our SS when I met him there a few weeks back is that we paid extra to have a noggin for ceiling fans put in the ceilings of both the Outdoor Room and the Grand Balcony ($70 total) and to have Plywood for extra support for TV's mounted on the wall of the downstairs Family room and the upstairs leisure room ($320 total). These weren't marked on the plan as they were added at the electrical appointment and at that stage hadn't been done. Of course it is vital these are done before gyprock!

I sent our SS a message yesterday to confirm the supports had been done but haven't heard back. The Tasmanian Oak lining has been installed on the outdoor ceilings so if the noggins weren't done that will be troublesome for them to fix now! I haven't heard back from him as yet.

I suspect Metricon will be very keen to get the walls up before Xmas so they can send us the very hefty Fixing invoice which is 20% of the contract price. I think we may receive our Lockup invoice any day now too - thats 25% and will be the biggest one of all - ouch.

Just for clarification too, as I keep having to look it up - Lockup doesn't actually mean the property is 'Locked Up' - as according to our paperwork it is :

" The stage when a house external wall cladding is installed, eaves lining and roof covering is fixed (roof pointing not necessarily complete and front and rear doors not installed)"

Maybe it should be renamed? It is actually at the completion of the fixing stage that the doors need to be installed..so maybe we won;t get that invoice before Xmas afterall??

Ok enough rambling from me for today!

I will leave you with a quick shot from yesterdays drive-by :) It's going to look great without the ever growing pile of rubble and the loo out the front!


  1. The wall insulation is the sarking wrap they put between the brick and timber. I was confused too originally. I thought they were actual batts. The roof batts were installed at my place just before PC. I'm not sure if they do it earlier for two storey homes. But that's what I'm told by my SS.

  2. We dont have any wrap between the bricks and the timber! Thats not a regulation here in NSW, only in QLD and VIC. The only place we have wrap is under the cladding, so I will be asking about that.

    The soundproof insulation is batts though, I am fairly sure of that.

    Thanks for the info - I will be double checking now :)