Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday update - progress not found. Small vent ahead.

So the story for this week was meant to be this:

Cladding painted and QA inspection, then carpenters back to fix whatever came up in the QA report.

What really happened:

Carpenters were onsite Monday (no idea what they did, I havent been onsite at all).

Silence and rain for Tue, Wed, Thu.

Friday - NO rain. No work.

Gyprock was supposed to start this coming week - looks like now it will be the following. This is after originally we were told it was going to start about 2 weeks ago.

At this rate we will be lucky to see it by Xmas let alone anything else before they shut down for who knows how long?

My SS told me shut down is FOUR weeks. Metricon's official answer on their Facebook page (yeah they have one) - is this:

 The NSW Building team are on Christmas New Year break from 22 December- 4 January.

Thats a direct quote.

Our original SS told me it depends what stage they are up to and which trades need to be onsite - and that some take a long break, others only public holidays.

SO many conflicting stories!

So I really hope we see something happen over the Dec-Jan period, all this stop start is driving me crazy.

I get that they cant work in the rain - but I would have thought the QA guy could go there at some point this week - does the painting need to be done for him to inspect?? Who knows!

So next weeks timetable is this: Painting Monday & Tuesday, QA Wednesday then ?

Chances are the rain will mess that schedule up too.

Oh - and we still have two small sections of roof, over the study and kitchen projections, that hadn't been done when I was there last so water is still getting in there so I presume they have to be done before gyprock can start..

Bah Humbug.


  1. Rain not only affect you, but also the jobs that the contractors were supposed to do before yours. I think that is the issue. They have a backlog of work that needs to be done before they get onto yours.

    Metricon display homes and head office closures are different to each other, so are the annual leave time for each SS. Then contractor have their own closures, so it's hard to know when work is going to happen or not.

    My SS tells me so and so is going to be here on such a day, and I see them come before his schedule. I don't think our SS know much at all. They give contractors a window of opportunity and it's up to them to have it completed by such and such a time.

  2. Yes, I understand the rain holds up other jobs and that al has a flow on effect - but when they are scheduled to be at our job on the day it rains - then the first rain free day, logically, they should be at our job!

    I also understand each state has different closure times etc, (and I havent even factored display home closures in - it doesnt affect us at all!) but its frustrating to be told different things - they should get their stories straight, but time will tell I suppose..

    I've not yet seen anyone turn up at our site ahead of time - except when the electrical contractors turned up and put our power pole in the wrong position ;)

    I get irritated that sometimes us (the owners) are made to feel like we are stupid, ignorant or are getting in the way. At the end of the day - we pay these guys big money to perform a service for us, and technically we are paying their salaries and sometimes they seems to forget that!

    I know there are so many variables in the building game - trust me, I know - but sometimes we all need to vent..

  3. Haha yes definitely.

    Have they given you a completion date yet?

  4. No!

    They are very cagey anytime I ask even for a ballpark timeframe - which month they think we will be done would be a good place to start :)

  5. Deep breaths Shayne!

    We started on the same date as you and we're no where near where you're up to!

    Take it easy and try to relax!! Stress about Christmas shopping instead!! I went shopping in the city yesterday - NEVER again, thats enough to send anyone mental.


  6. haha - I know! The internet is evil. On one hand you guys are behind us, on the other some are streaking ahead..

    Shopping is pretty much done and dusted here :)

    Yes - shopping in the city is a BAD idea!!

    I am trying to relax but there are other factors at play here too that are giving me cabin fever *coughwholehouseinoneroomattheinlawscough* and that does not help!! I miss a whole wardrobe. And space. And a linen cupboard.. LOL.

    How are your bricks looking now Lauren?

  7. The bricks are done and look great, not sure when they'll be cleaned, but love them anyway! They were finished earlier this week. I hear that there were people there yesterday, but we're heading down tomorrow to see what they're up to, so maybe I'll have something to blog about... we'll see :)

  8. Oh I cant wait to see a pic, it will be super exciting when they are clean :)

    I will be looking out for a post soon..hopefully ;)

  9. I just wish I was in all of your positions! We don't even have our slab done :(

  10. I reckon you will be lucky to see the carpenters fix what was in your Inspection report and they will probably just plaster over the top. It happens all too often.

    And i definately agree with your comment about them making us feel stupid. Builders need to realise that they are the contractors working for us (the client), yet they seem to think that it is a privilege for us to build a house of theirs and accept what we are given.

    Hope things improve for you guys.

  11. Tonia your time will come!! Its been a year since we started this ball rolling!

    Jay - yeah, I know, I am going to stay on top of them about it, not that it helps most of the time..
    All in all I dont have anything to complain about really, mostly the damn rain which is frustrating being so close to not having to depend on fine weather and getting a weeks worth of rain..