Friday, April 8, 2011

Another week plods on by..

With not much to report.

On a positive note the electricians did work at the house on Wednesday - Jason drove by and said there were 2 trucks there, 4 guys. They did say they couldn't finish everything - you guessed it - because the carpenter hasn't done his bit.

I said I would post when there was something to report, and as I said the electrical fit off has (mostly) been done, so here are some thrilling pics!

Outside lights looking a bit dwarfed from that angle.


Position of spotlight - right above water tank position. Doesn't look high enough to me but time will tell I suppose. Oh - and the hole the brickies originally left for the meter box way back when the sparkies put our power pole in the wrong place..

More outdoor lights and battens we will change to downlights after handover. And a half painted downpipe.

A sea of battens. Attractive! Note the kitchen cupboard doors have still not been replaced.

Island end powerpoint - exciting stuff!

More battens. Planning on changing them to downlights after handover - to do it through Metricon would've been an extra $4k - it will be more cost effective to do it afterwards. The two in the middle closer together are for pendants to hang over the dining table.

Powerpoints for washer/dryer. Yes - my laundry cupboard doors are now also sitting on the floor!

Prep for stair lights

Downlights in bathroom

Battens, fan and wall lights on Master Balcony
Its official - I do NOT love the stain colour. Really disappointed in it actually. Think I will be having the timber stained to a darker, richer brown after handover. Looks nothing like the sample I was shown at Studio M.

So - where to next? No idea. Nowhere fast if the carpenter doesn't come back soon!

Seems we have come across another build in Sydney in the same boat as us and Sandrine & Craig. They have had PCI pushed back a number of times over the space of a month and had an inspector go through last week who picked up around 60 defects/incomplete items. Scary.

At least they are consistent right? ;)

I saw a listing for a Metricon home for sale in Sydney today on a blog I follow -

Kylie posted this link to the listing -

It is a Laguna, same as ours with a different facade - almost identical to the one on display at Kellyville Ridge. Worth a stickybeak people!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your external lights Shayne and I wishe we thought of just getting battens in preparation of downlights. We just got the standard 1 batten per room but that means some ceiling patching once the downlights go in :(

    I don't mind the colour of your stain, in fact I thought it looked great! Very disappointing that it's different to the sample though and not what you were expecting.

    Fingers crossed for the carpenter to come back soon!

  2. Any progress is good Shayne. Balcony looks fantastic, I too like the stain.....obvioulsy a personal choice with your decorating. Frustating tradesmen though.

  3. I like the stain too but it's not good you didn't get the same as what you were shown at Studio M. Any idea of a PCI date? What happened to the kitchen cupboard doors? Sorry I've been MIA a bit lately xx

  4. Karla I'm glad we did all those battens - crazy as they look at the moment! We have a family friend who is an electrician so he will change them over for us afterwards - and the electrical rep that we had our appointment with suggested it also to save money, she said lots of people do it :)

    Thanks Ladies, the stain is ok I guess - just not what I wanted. I want a much darker, rich colour with NO RED! I don't do redness in timber ;p

    Rachael, hope all is well with you? No idea whatsoever on a PCI date, and I've lost all faith in it being anytime soon so will believe whatever date I am told when I am standing in the house doing PCI!! Sad that its come to that really..
    As for the kitchen - the bulkhead above my overhead cupboards had to be raised slightly (I think anyway, weeks ago I noticed someone had written on it in pencil and added an arrow, saying it had to go up) - and the doors have been off for WEEKS, sitting on the slab. Not happy about that either..

    Good news is - CARPENTERS were there when I drove past. They better be there when I go back past this afternoon.. :)

  5. Shayne what was the colour of the stain supposed to be? Were your timber doors stained the same colour?

  6. Tonia I believe it is supposed to be Intergrain Merbau. Whatever the darkest colour they showed me at Studio M was. LOL. I dont remember it being quite that red - I'm wondering though if the tiny sample they have is a different timber, which if course would change the look of the stain. I am sure it was darker on the sample. Perhaps another coat will do it?

  7. Oh, oops - yes everything is supposed to be the same stain!

  8. I love blogs like yours. seeing a house being built then turned into a home. How exciting. Cant wait to come back with a cuppa and have a really good read. deb

  9. HI Deb - Thanks for popping in ;) Love your blog too. Hope I can keep you entertained over that cuppa!

  10. All our timber stains are merbau too..perhaps it just needs another coat? I do remember it being dark at the display homes also..but I also know that merbau does have a reddish tinge to it..I love it though! Just get them to put another coat if they can :)