Friday, April 15, 2011

A short getaway ;)

I have just returned from a few days in the gorgeous Hunter Valley with our son and a friend.

Nothing like a few days in wine country to forget about the madness of building a house!

I was last at the house on Tuesday and we now are the proud owners of door handles, toilet roll holders, and hand towel rings! Super exciting!! Oh, and door stops. LOL.
The carpenters had been back for another day on Tuesday but still hadn't finished as the Tassie Oak lining for the Outdoor Room was still unfixed.

Jason met our brickie at the house at 8am yesterday to talk about the letterbox (which we all decided would be better to do once the driveway has been poured) - so the brickies should've finished up their part which now means the garage door can be fixed.

No idea what has happened today!

No photos as I managed to leave a bag at our accommodation which had my camera cords in it!

Will update over the weekend with some pics from my other camera :)

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  1. Nice break Shayne away from the house build stress. Must be getting close?