Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Shutdown - another rant!

Well is seems our site has experienced an Easter Shutdown this week.

Absolutely NOTHING happened on site this week - yeah its a short week but four days is plenty of time to have achieved something (ANYTHING!) on our house.

Guess what the hold up is THIS time?

The carpenter ran out of Tasmanian Oak boards for the Outdoor Room ceiling. And Metricon's supplier has run out of the boards. Seems to be an ongoing theme with our build doesn't it?

No idea why the multitude of other things still to be done didn't happen however.

Here is a list (probably not exhaustive - just my layman's observations) of items still to be done (as much for my own records as the blogs):

- Front steps incomplete
- Portico ceiling still to be fixed
- Garage door to be fitted
- water tank (after handover??) to be installed
- hot water system to be fitter (after handover??)
- step into garage to be finished properly
- external and internal painting & staining to be finished
- bricks spot cleaned
- entire site clean
- house clean (interior)
- front door glass to be reglazed (or door replaced) to reflect contract (translucent glass paid for)
- laundry cabinet doors to be refixed
- patch wall in laundry
- patch holes in toilets where carpenters attempted to fix toilet roll holders and missed
- tilers to finish in laundry (after wall patched up)
- rectify the fact that I can see daylight out of one corner of the kitchen splashback window
- add extra shelves to pantry
- extra shelf to walk in linen
- powder room door handle to be fitted
- outdoor room ceiling to be finished
- master balcony - 2 panels of 'matrix' cladding chipped in corners
- kitchen cabinet doors replaced (have been sitting on slab for over a month now - scratched)
- flyscreens fitted
- shower screens fitted
- mirrors fitted
- deadlocks on 2 doors not fitted
- dent in roof over study to be rectified
- electricians to finish fit off

I bet there are more items to be added to that too..

I am fast running out of patience with the bad management of trades, resources and deliveries, the lies and continual missed deadlines.

Next week is week 35 of the build. According to our SS, he was under the impression the build time is 32+5 weeks for Xmas shutdown. That makes it 37 weeks.

At this rate we will be lucky to have PCI inside 37 weeks.

Jason phoned and text our SS yesterday and he told us about the delay with the materials - and said he was trying to get the cleaner there today (what - they have ONE cleaner too??) but he was "running out of days". No shit Sherlock. He told me LAST WEEK he was getting the place cleaned this week - why wasn't it organised then?

He also said he would be onsite at 10am today and would call us then. No call. Jason called him 3 times today - no answer or call back.

Not Happy Metricon.


  1. FFS just get it done already! I really feel for you!

  2. Hey, just a thought....

    Way back when we were dealing with our sales rep, he mentioned that EB are really proactive on rectifying issues where clients put it out there on feedback sites, blogs etc if they're not happy. EB don't know I have my blog (yet) but I wonder if it would help your case if you happened to name drop your blog when speaking to them next? Maybe your CSO or someone in head office who cares about their reputation??

    Word of mouth is a huge thing afterall...

  3. Thanks Karla :)

    I know they already read my blog :) Our CSO told me many moons ago when the build started. I guess they just don't care so much when customers are unhappy? Word of mouth/internet is such a good tool these days you would think they might care more..

  4. Hare you read some of the comments on the Metricon Facebook page lately??? Very interesting indeed...

    Good luck Shayne!! Try not to let it ruin the fun when you do actually get to move in xoxox

  5. Ooh, Lauren - just went and read them - very interesting.. Seems to be the place to make them listen up and take notice..

    I'm trying not to let it ruin the entire experience but some days its hard!! I don't have to tell you that though I'm sure ;) Compared I have nothing to complain about!!

  6. Its starting to get exciting again now - we had gyprock being installed today so my Mum tells us - the excitement is cautionary though!

  7. Hang in there Shayne!! I know its hard :( I would also be pissed!!!

  8. Yeah hang in there Shayne.

  9. Shane,

    We are also building with Metricon - Laguna 36. Another unhappy customer!!! Our customer representative is too slow and very helpless. For us the easiest way to solve the problems fast was to escalte this to higher management. There is an operation manager at sydney office - Sue Robb. She is very good at co-ordinating and resolving the issues.

  10. OMG - I wish I stumbled across this blog in April last year... If you are out there and thinking of building with Metricon, be under no illusion. These blogs are true - We started building at the beginning of February 2011 (also the Laguna 36) and to this date, are still having building issues. Come November 2011 (approx 35+ into the build), we were forced to settle with a letter of undertaking of acknowledgement of outstanding items to be completed by 25th December 2011. At the time of writing this post (8 February 2012) we are still waiting! And we are not alone - x6 neighbours who built with Metricon are in the same situation. Other neighbours who built with other builders have no where near as many issues! Do not pay the premium prices charged by Metricon. The price is not representative of competence and quality. Seek a more experienced/established builder particular if using one in NSW.