Friday, April 29, 2011

PCI date set - happy happy day!

Well my friends our SS called yesterday, true to his word, and we have been booked in for "presentation" next Friday at 3pm.

I will say at this stage I am "cautiously optimistic" that all will go ahead and hopefully we won't have too long a list of defects..

I am hoping handover will be sometime in the week of the 16th - but I suppose that all depends on how much needs to be rectified doesn't it?

All I know is if this rain doesn't let up the finishing of the exterior painting and external site clean are going to be very difficult to achieve by next Friday!

Fingers crossed everyone!!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Shayne
    That's good news,if there are not too many defects or problems hopefully you'll be in and enjoying your new home soon.

  2. Fingers crossed this rain stops Shayne - I can't believe it has rained so much in the Shire for the last week... I have cabin fever!!

    I hope it goes smoothly for you this week!

  3. brilliant news and POQ rain!!!

  4. Fan-bloody-tastic!!!! Fingers & toes crossed for you :)

  5. looks great! congrats... good to see the brick we chose for our build on a larger scale! We are happy we went with orpheus!

    we cant wait to start the build and see our dream home come to life.

    I can definatly understand your frustrations with the builder tho, we have had many...