Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guess what? Go on - you will NEVER guess?? *sarcasm*...

Surprise surprise - "presentation" will NOT be this week. Shocking I know, that our SS has again told us one thing and the opposite is the actual truth.

I went past the house yesterday - to find not only the gate unlocked and unchained, but one of the rear sliders WIDE open. Ten points for security big M.

Of course, as expected, almost nothing has been done and another week had gone by.

ONE shower screen had been installed. Good Work.

Yesterday I started the ball rolling on having our independent inspection done so we would have the report to refer to during this elusive presentation. That was met with resistance from our SS who argued that there was no point as the report would be huge. Really?? Maybe then you should get some things DONE on site.

My argument was if we were to wait weeks to have the inspection done (as suggested by our SS), then it was likely to bring up issues we would not notice (or know about due to not being building professionals) - that would then hold up this house even FURTHER.

He said we had to ask our Construction Manager for permission. Fine with me - maybe I can get a rocket up him and get this place finished then.

So I emailed him explaining the situation, again reiterating my displeasure at the way the build was not progressing. We received an email back within minutes (points for him), stating that of course organising an inspection was not a problem but he could not grant access to the inspector until Metricon's QA inspector has gone through the house this Thursday. Fine, no drama there.

He also said he was meeting with our SS today and would discuss what was still to be completed and would get back to us afterwards.

First thing this morning we received another email stating that the QA report would not be received by him until next Monday, therefore "presentation" could not go ahead until next week.

Why am I not surprised??

He also said he will be assisting our SS in completing the home as he understand we are keen to settle ASAP.

More points to him but this action could've come weeks ago when we first started voicing our displeasure. Or even last week after my LONG email.

I'm happy it has finally come to this but annoyed its taken so long for it to be escalated.

Jason called him and gave him some choice words about how annoyed we are, and that we are sick of being told things are happening when they are not, and that nothing has happened on site for 3 weeks. Not good enough.
He is going to the site tomorrow to assess the situation.

Isn't it sad that despite being booked in for PCI this week I KNEW it wouldn't happen?

Door wide open..

Does this look like a kitchen ready for presentation to you??

Or a laundry ready for that matter??

Wow - a shower screen - two weeks later than scheduled (as per the rest of the build.)
I can see that water is going to end up everywhere and we will end up changing that!

Oh look - a rotting apple - is that a freebie??

Sorry to have to write another cynical, sarcastic post folks - trust me, I wish I had happier things to report..

Oh - just received a call, our blinds and shutters are ready for installation now too - so thats every piece of furniture we have ordered plus window coverings ready and waiting for the house to be finished..TICK TICK TICK..


  1. Oh Shayne I really understand your frustration!! We are at 32 weeks today and have been told our Laguna will be delivered by 38 weeks by same SS. Looking at your experience I highly doubt that!!
    Our furniture is also ready for delivery and garage is brimming over with things to install in the house.
    We are starting to document the lack of work in emails based on your experience.
    Having such a horrible end to deliver your dream home is soooo bitter sweet.

    Have you tried asking for access to get the floors done before handover?

    Hang in there, you have a beautiful house to look forward to.


  2. Oh dear, you should ask Jay (from Jay and Kylee's build) about how to deal with mongrels like this. It's appauling.

    I'm sure anyone reading this blog will support you all the way. Give us their phone numbers, and we will all ring and say "When is Shayne's house going to be finished" or we can petition it.

  3. Rush I have been thinking about you and wondering how your place is going - I was starting to think you may be in before us!!

    What stage are you at currently? I have just emailed the Construction Manager again so I have written documentation (fat lot of good it seems to do - but good to have!).

    I am considering asking about having the carpets installed before handover as the company doing it has the contract for Metricon to supply carpets to their clients but based on previous experience I am not hopeful..

    Thanks Jay! LOL. I've been reading Jays blog :)

  4. Don't worry Shayne - we are in the same boat! Nothing has been done to ours for 14 days! No wait..thats a lie...they put a door handle last week - yippeeee (NOT)

    I just wish we could ring our SS and blast the f#$k out of him LOL

    Good luck with it babe! I'll be praying for you xo

  5. Good luck with the CM and the promises... we're waiting for a reply to questions in an email from 18 April.... full of shit.

    Can you see I'm having a great day?

    At least we're all in the same boat I guess.

  6. I am seeing a trend here. We have been waiting for our hebel now for over 3 weeks - next to nothing done in this time. Empty promises. I am wondering where work is actually going on?? Who is actually having progress? I am trying to stay positive but am so deflated now...I can't even look at the site now when I drive past taking the kids to school:( Hang in there Shayne...somehow...

  7. So sad to hear that so many people are having such bad experiences when you are paying top dollar for your homes. M really needs to review it's processes.
    I would be very frustrated and angry as well when there is absolutely no progress.
    Just hang in there everyone, just focus on the positives and when you finally get the key to your homes.

  8. Be strong! It will all be worth it when you finally move in. I can't believe the site is so messy. The Silver Fox would have a fit if he saw it!! You have every right to be cross or more. Remember - the squeaky wheel gets the oil so jump up and down. Also, remember to withhold the final payment until everything is done. Maybe you should go and look at it in the rain to check for leaks....

  9. Dont ask me, Because whatever i have been doing is obviously not working. lol. ;) Just keep being persistent and let them know that you are not going away.
    Im not sure about your contract but in ours it says they are allowed to take up to 349 days to finish your house.
    It looks as thought there is still a little bit to do on your house. Doors to cupboards and a really big clean.

    What is that stain or mark on your Laundry doors striker plate??
    And im guessing you have asked for the architraves to be left off so you can put down floorboards??

    I feel for you Shayne as i know what you are going through and wouldn't wish it upon anybody. What they seem to get away with and how they treat their customers is criminal.

  10. Ah building..isn't it fun?! Thanks for your comment about our trip, sounds like you've had a lot of fun in both! Rachaelxx

  11. Ladies - what the hell is going on? No work on anyones place in the last 3 weeks?? Have the big M pissed off all their tradies and they've gone walkabout or something?? Its crap but at least we are all in this together - just at varying stages of our builds. ARGH!

    Just Martha - the Silver Fox sounds like a wonderful builder - wish there were more like him!!

    Jay - LOL. I plan to persist, definitely not going to go away quietly and wait in a corner.. There is still quite a bit to do - shower screens, mirrors, garage door, fly screens, patch wall in laundry and tile it, painting, doors to kitchen and laundry replaced and/or back on,reglaze front door, finish steps, blah blah blah - lots and lots of odds and ends to do. And of course a massive clean or three.
    I think thats sawdust on the laundry door striker plate - will double check when I go there next. Yep, skirtings left off at our request.

    I sincerely hope they finish both our places soon - to the standard we deserve and expect :)

    Thanks for the support guys - its wonderful to be able to vent and have people understand and support :)

  12. Hi Rachael, thanks for stopping in :)
    Shame I don't have anything pretty for you to see right now! I had an absolute blast in both cities, as will you! I'd give a kidney to be in either right now actually rather than in building hell!!

  13. Oh my God! Can't believe that laundry wall is still in that state!
    Hang in there Shayne. It can't be much longer-surely???

  14. Shayne, we have walls painted and tiling complete except for kitchen where the window had to be moved up to fit in the benchtops.
    Bi-folds were delivered three weeks ago and are now bowed as one frame has been sitting outside in rain and on mud. All cupboards all in but kitchen ones were scratched when they had to take the ceiling above sink out to build in bulk head. Roof above bulkhead also leaked in the rain over the last few weeks and kitchen cupboards have been soaked.
    Final Gyprock patching is underway this week and our poor tiler has been back several times waiting for the kitchen splashback area to be ready for tiling. No electrical fitout yet.
    I could keep going on ...
    I think we will need almost every trade back again before we are finished. We hit 32 weeks contract date yesterday and were told we would have the house by 37, few days before 38 weeks at worst.
    Looking at your progress we are really worried about delivery ... we are renting and only have a lease till week 38.
    M's reputation of delivering before contract date is fast going down the gurgler!!!!
    My husband had enough yesterday morning and sent an email iterating our frustration and asking how the house will be delivered on time to Metricon SS, Construction Manager, Operations Manager, Directors and NSW General Manager. NSW General Manager replied by the afternoon saying he would look into our progress and get back to us today.
    We are both Project Managers by profession so are disgusted to see how the build of our house has been handled. There seems to be minimal forward planning and the amount of materials that have gone to waste is sacrilegious!!
    Let's see what happens.
    Me email is rushka@au1.ibm.com if you want to contact me.
    Hang in there, we are in the same boat as you!!

  15. Reinsey I don't dare think it can't be too much longer.. "Apparently" PCI will be next week but who knows really??

    Rush - wow, thats an impressive email list you have there - might have to grab some of those email addresses from you :) We didn't send ours that high - wishing we had though.
    Hopefully by being proactive at this stage you won't get to 37-38 weeks and still need to jump up and down like we are - hopefully. I'd hope our SS is being raked over the coals if we are both complaining - who knows how many more there are??
    We also had issues with our bulkhead above the kitchen - interesting..
    Sounds like we have been having SO many of the same issues - its really unbelievable isn't it?
    The bad organisation is beyond ridiculous and I agree- the wasted materials is criminal!!
    I will email you for sure :) Nice to know we aren't alone - not that I would wish it on anyone!