Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting closer!

Wow - quite a while without a post, unusual for me to have so little to say!!

We were in the stunning Southern Highlands over the weekend for the wedding of Jason's best mate - they met on the very first day of Kindergarten and have been firm friends ever since. It was a stunning setting and a beautiful weekend, the wedding was wonderful and a brilliant time was had by all (too good a time by some, judging by the tales overheard at breakfast on Sunday, LOL!).

Then we came back to reality with a sick son, me getting sicker after already being sick for two weeks, days off daycare and my packing schedule thrown into disarray!

C'est la vie!

We received our report from Tyrells on Friday (very promptly the day after the house was inspected) and I am very pleased to report that it was actually very good. A number of small items to be rectified - most of which we knew about and were earmarked for completion or rectification before handover anyway, which is fantastic!

The inspector went crazy marking the house which was fab :)

Since presentation last week there has been a steady stream of work taking place, plaster patching, painting, minor brickwork fixes etc - good to see.

I've been making lots of calls and scheduling flooring, carpets, blinds & shutters and landscapers to start ASAP - so heres hoping we have handover late next week as anticipated!

Now we just need a final invoice so the bank can start their part in this process :)

I still can't believe its now so close - and I haven't packed a single box yet!!

Here is the house as it looks today! Look Mum - the lintel has been painted! Looks good now :)

We are going to render the Portico soon so I need to choose a colour to paint it. I'm thinking something a few shades darker than the upstairs cladding?

We will also be decking the portico and steps which will tie them in with the front door and garage door nicely I hope.

I forgot to mention our site fence came down last week - so exciting!! Bet the neighbours are happy about that!

And a few pics from the wedding for good measure!


  1. So envious Shayne, wish I was at your stage. The house is looking great.

  2. The portico would look fab in the colour our cladding is in.....taubmans murkey love love it!

    Looking good, you better get a move on with packing, handover will be here before you know it YIPEEE!! xx

  3. So exciting Shayne, congratulations :)

  4. Thanks Thigee :) Before you know it you will be there too!

    Rachael - I LOVE the colour of your cladding - does it look much different in the pics to in real life? LOL

    Thanks Karla! Your place is coming along SO fast now!!

  5. pretty much the same IRL but come for a visit and you can see for yourself :)