Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The wheels are a turnin'...

Firstly I want to thank all of you who have contacted me and commented on our current woes - it means a lot to me to have a place to vent, and come for support, and every comment helps!

So - after emails and phone calls yesterday, the powers that be at Metricon are coming through for us.

They first agreed that if we were prepared to pay the final invoice they were happy to handover the house to us (almost) in time for us to have all our scheduled trades come through on Saturday/Sunday/Monday - provided we understood there would still be a few outstanding items to be rectified. The front door reglazing is one of those - yes, those following closely will remember in February when I told our SS it was wrong he said it would be reglazed. Then at PCi he said he would order a new door. Now its back to a reglaze - got whiplash yet?

I am hesitant to handover with too many items outstanding as we all know Metricon are not getting really bad reviews for after handover service all over the place lately. So I asked them for a detailed breakdown of what/when everything would be fixed, and said I would only handover with a written assurance from management that outstanding items had been booked in and would be fixed in a timely manner (for what thats worth..)

Then Jason received a call from the head honcho of Metricon NSW, which was appreciated. He said our Construction Manager would go to the site today and would assess what was to be done and he would personally get back to us today.

The Construction Manager called from the house and has organised painters for tomorrow, brick cleaners today or tomorrow, cleaner tomorrow, carpenters tomorrow and is calling the GM of the window company to see if he can get the window/door service done tomorrow too.

F I N A L L Y.

Not sure why it was all so hard in the first place??

Anyway - now that I have re-shceduled all my flooring,carpet and blinds & shutter installation it looks like I might have to beg them to change dates again..

Time will tell..

I will update when I know more. Back to the boxes - I had my head wrapped around the idea that it would be two weeks until we move but it could be less now so I gotta get crackin'!


  1. Hi Shayne,
    I've been reading all your posts but have been very slack with commenting. You're going through similiar to what we went through in the end, very difficult to get a handover with all things complete and with an invoice and a date etc so I TOTALLY feel your pain! We had the same dramas rescheduling all our trades because of Metricon stuffing us around but in the end once they all come and more puzzle pieces are complete its worth it. I know everyone says that but once you're moved in you will forget some of the pain and the stress will have been worth it, trust me! You have a gorgeous house and in the years to come you will look back and be glad you went down this road. I've come to the realisation that everything will happen in time and we have the rest of our lives to finish our house so we are just enjoying each day as it comes in our beautiful house. Wishing you all the best at this point in time, we're all thinking of you. Cant wait to see your moved in, finished photos!
    Happy packing and moving!

  2. Friggen awesome! Fingers crossed :)

  3. Wooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Finally good news, so happy for you guys, making a little noise to get there attention sometimes is the only choice to get things done!! Congratulations, I hope it all falls into place for you now!!

  4. Hallelujah, somebody listened. Good luck for the coming days Shayne, heres hoping handover goes well.

  5. Three words...

  6. Lol reinsey ;-)
    Yeah hopefully it all goes smoothlynfor you from here ;-)
    Loved your blog posts too, well done!
    Looking forward to seeing moving in pics too.

  7. Thanks Ladies :)

    Stay tuned!