Friday, May 27, 2011

Its OURS!!!

Yep - you read right - the house is ALL OURS!!!

Handover took place this afternoon thanks to some serious activity this week, and with great thanks to our Construction Manager who seems to have lots of pull with trades and can get them there fast :)

There are still a few minor things to be done, but all are ordered/booked in and I have lots of relevant phone numbers so I can stay on top of things if our SS doesn't. We have the assurance of the Construction manager (who I must say put me at ease about handing over today after a long conversation yesterday ) that he will be personally on top of our SS and trades to ensure things are completed in a timely fashion. To be honest I am not all that concerned - just relieved right now.

I LOVE the feeling of being in control of what happens there now!

So after our SS left I spent ages figuring out all the keys (there are LOADS) and sorted out the alarm - and waited for the guys doing the final caulking to finish (LOL), then locked up and headed home, happy and exhausted.

No rest though - back there at the crack of dawn to meet the flooring guys - EXCITED!! - and I need to keep packing :)

Will keep updating over the weekend/next week as things are completed - the next part of the journey has now begun.

Yes - thats a brick cleaner finishing up while we were waiting for our SS :) The portico projection hasn't been acid washed as it is being rendered as soon as the driveway is done.

Looking forward to having real floors tomorrow!!

MY keys!

Now - back to the boxes!!


  1. Congratulations Shayne and Jason! You've made it! Cherish the moment!

  2. Yay, congratulations! So happy for you guys, enjoy the house now after all the dramas you had. Best of luck in your new home.

  3. Woohoo!!!!!!! What a fab feeling. Congrats and best wishes for much happiness in your new abode:) So happy for you.

  4. Congrats, gorgeous! You have powered through the process and deserve all the glory for how fabulous it all looks. VERY jealous that you're also getting new flooring this weekend... I want new floorboards!!! :(

  5. ...and they lived happily ever after!!!
    Enjoy your very own fairytale. Xx

  6. Yay!!!! Congratulations, you must be so thrilled!!! Good luck with the move!

  7. Congratulations Shayne and Jason - my exact sentiments 'now your in control', goodbye Metricon unless you invite them in!! Such a good feeling to shut your door behind a tradesman.

    Enjoy your beautiful new home; have fun bringing your decorating dreams to life.

  8. Congratulations Shayne!!! So long MetriCON!! Happy days now :)))

    Looking forward to some piccies of your floors!


  9. Congratulations!!!!

    Enjoy your packing and relish in knowing that you won't have to do it again for a very loooooong time - if ever! :)