Saturday, May 21, 2011

It just couldn't be easy could it?

Given the recent dramas,emails and phone calls to bring this house over the line we couldn't have expected something as simple as being sent our final invoice to be easy could we?

At our presentation which was Thursday week ago, our SS said he would organise the final invoice on Tuesday when he was in the office. In hindsight I should have insisted he do it then and there.

Come Tuesday I sent him a 'gentle reminder' to have the invoice issued.

Wednesday - no invoice.

Thursday - no invoice.

By Thursday night I started to panic and we sent him an email and phone and sent him a text - all of which he chose to ignore.

So we emailed our Customer Service person - who replied telling us the invoice had been requested and we would get it at our presentation. Doh. Told her that happened a week ago!

So with much panic, emailing and phone calls we got it at 4.45pm yesterday. I was straight on the phone to our bank to see if indeed it was possible we still may be able to settle late next week.. I was told yes - might be by the skin of our teeth but it was possible! So, invoice and request for payment have been faxed, with a cover letter requesting urgent attention and all is in the hands of the bank now!

And our SS, of course - if he ever replies to our attempts to contact him.

Big props to our contact in Customer Service, without her help who knows when we would've got that invoice!

Another stalling tactic from our SS perhaps??? Hmmmm....

Stay tuned folks!


  1. Bloody f**kn hopeless SS - do your job properly! They are all the same Shayne!

    Hope it all goes well for you on Thursday!!! xo

  2. You think they'd want their cash sooner rather than later! Hopeless :(

    Fingers crossed for Thursday!

  3. Be ever so careful, once you handover your payment, their service get's worse. Is it coincidence or just greed. Metricon accounts department is down in Melbourne. Every build deals with this single department, gotta say it's not always the SS fault with administration stuff.

  4. I fell frustrated for you Shayne, you must be a very patient person.