Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day progress update!

Firstly wishing all the Mums out there a Happy Mothers Day - hope you have all been spoilt :)

I was woken with a lovely bunch of flowers, chocolates, a day spa voucher and my gorgeous son (who has only recently started talking properly) wishing me a very clear Happy Mothers Day and showering me with kisses and cuddles. Priceless!

We had a lovely breakfast out then went to the house to see what progress had been made.

Of course first thing I saw was the lovely garage door in all its splendor :) Look much better in person than in the pics, thankfully!

Also the portico ceiling is FINALLY fitted. Can't say the same for the Outdoor Room Tassie Oak lining - it was apparently supposed to be done yesterday, and obviously they did the portico but not the Outdoor Room. They had better be back tomorrow...

The second shower screen and all mirrors are still missing, despite us being told they would be fitted Friday.

Kitchen and laundry cabinet doors are still missing. However the laundry wall in FINALLY patched and tiled - could hardly believe my eyes!

We noticed today a lot of our door handles are scratched/marked in some way - all in the same spot funnily enough!

I'm still perplexed about our portico steps - there are two in our contract but now, seeing the levels there really should be 3 - its too high to actually step up onto the first step! Maybe one site has been filled slightly it will help.. I'm planning on decking over the steps anyway so I guess they can build an extra one :)

There are still lots of small things to be done, and a few largish, but on the whole it is looking pretty close to completed now. WOOHOO.

We will be onto our SS and Construction Manager Monday morning to get a day/time for our presentation :)

Not sure why they bother paying for that portaloo anymore..

Note the height of that first step?? Not sure if/what level they backfill the site to on completion - might turn out ok..

Colourbond Timberlook Caoba up close

FINALLY - a ceiling!

Ensuite - practically complete bar another clean, mirrors and touch up paint in toilet - oh, and heated towel rail & control for underfloor heating :)

Love the colour combo :)

Main bathroom. Also love this colour combo :)

Complete except for shower screen, mirror and underfloor heating control panel.

View to study/front door from stairs. Front door glazing STILL incorrect 3 months after I alerted our SS to the issue.

Powder Room - complete except for door handle (which is sitting on bench ready to go.)

Laundry - needs cabinet doors fitted again, and powerpoint to be screwed in. (not shown in this photo)

There it is :)

Family Room

Dining Room


Looking into living room/playroom

My view while washing up! Just FYI - I will eventually be getting this tap :)


Lovely and airy with all the sliders open!

So sportsfans - there we have it!

Let's all hold hands and cross fingers that this week brings no more let downs and disappointment's at the hands of Metricon. Will update when there is news!


  1. Ooooh aaaaahhhhh.. It IS all looking fantastic.
    (great colour taste too..ha ha)

    Fingers crossed that it's all finished this week :)

  2. Shayne, despite all the delays it is looking really good. Will be well worth the wait.

  3. It looks FANTASTIC!!!! You must be chomping at the bit to get in there! Crossing everything I have that it's completed (and correctly) ASAP!

  4. You are right, those bathroom colour combos look fab! I so hope they finish it for you ASAP! When homes are sooo close to being finished I don't understand why they don't throw all trades at it just to get it DONE! Surely one less to worry about makes their life easier too...

  5. Love your bathrooms & those sliding doors, gorgeous :-)

  6. Shayne we found your house we founf your house!!! ROFL!!! On our way home tonight from our inlaws house in winston hills we decided to go home VIA Kissing Point rd LOL and turned off into your lovely area and after about 5 min turning in and out of streets we found your YUMMY home!!! Chris thinks im nuts haha :) Couldn't believe that we just randomly stumbled across it lol

    Looks beautiful in real life Shayne!! Couldn't see inside properly as it was dark but I did see your beautiful garage door mmmmmmm!! By the are getting the same spray tap as us! Arnt they just divine?? mmmmm

    Good luck with everything this week :)

  7. Shayne, colours and finishes look fantastic.
    I can imagine how excited you must be to get it now!!

    We have been given a PCI date but will wait closer to the date to see if it actually happens.
    Just wanted to check if you have the same dilemma as us .... are you having floorboards all the way through downstairs or are you having carpet in a couple of rooms as in the display home? We are doing bit of both and are figuring out how to manage change in levels.

  8. Oh wow! The house is looking so good! I love your view while washing up. Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  9. Wow!!! Looks great!

    Good to see excellent progress. Looks like settlement is just around the corner.

  10. Just wonder what's the flow rate like in the ensuite shower head? I have a friend who has the same one from Metricon and they don't like it as there isn't enough water pressure.