Monday, May 23, 2011


Ok - so you all thought I had blown my stack previously in regard to the complete incompetence of our SS?

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Based on assurances from our SS on the day of presentation, I have our blinds and shutters booked in, bamboo floors booked in, carpets booked in, landscapers, electrician and solar guys ready to install.

I asked him, would it be safe to go ahead and book them all in two weeks after presentation. YES, he told me. I'm days away, he told me - I will be ready, he told me.

Guess what? LIES. Again. Why on earth should I have expected anything different?

AND despite NUMEROUS attempts to contact him last week to check on progress after noting very little had been happening at the house, and to confirm handover was this week - he did not answer our calls or emails. Getting our invoice was a HUGE drama and it simply should NOT be that hard.

FINALLY - tonight he emails back saying he is "trying but realistically no it will be next week".

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. "Trying?" Really? Hardly.


As usual my question is this - WHY has it taken us chasing it up, and a week of almost no activity to get this guy to do his job efficiently?

Tomorrow this goes higher up. Enough is enough.

Look out Metricon. You have NO chance of us recommending you to anyone now. I'm done.

More wasted time, effort and a whole lot more stress thanks to someone who clearly cannot perform the job he is employed to do efficiently.

That house had better be PERFECT.


  1. FFS are you serious? What on earth is their problem?

    Try and breathe and know at the very least, you WILL be in soon (even though I'm sure you feel like you never will be at this rate).


  2. That is absolutely unacceptable :( If there is a delay in handover..fine but this needs to be communicated to you. Now what about all the tradies you've booked in? Surely an SS can understand what this means for you.

    I'm pretty speechless and so sorry you are having to deal with this so very close to the end.

  3. Tell them off for me too, Shayne! Aaaarrgghhhhh I am frustrated for you! Just try and relax (I know its hard) but just picture you relaxing in your 'parents retreat' room, sipping some champagne and relaxing with your hubby! It will be over before you know it..just a little delayed thats all.


  4. This is just stupid, i can not believe how incompetent they are!!! Im starting to think that metricon may have not been the best choice for us either, we are 4 weeks from our site scrape and still no slab, im trying my best to be patient!! I hope for your sake that all this mess gets fixed up very soon, i think a call higher up might just help :)

  5. It makes you look bad to the tradies, they think that you can't hold a date. How about you give them a cheque that will bounce, as payback.

  6. Sorry Shayne, must be frustrating but hang in there you're nearly home and this will all be a distant memory not long from now. I'm sure you will never use M again for another build, I know I won't after all the bad comments I've read from all the other blogs.
    Clever, Anonymous. They proving to really be a CON.

  7. Dear Shayne - so sad for you that they are taking away so much pleasure with their total incompetence. Stand firm and strong and it will be but a distant memory. Create lots of noise, have a tantrum. Yep, that should do nicely!!!

  8. Aw sweetie, what a mess!
    What do they actually still need to complete?
    Can you get list of outstanding works and have him assign a completion date against each item? It's like theyve been working without a schedule or something. Can't understand what keeps going wrong to stop work on your house!!!

  9. So sorry for you guys.....the frustration and angst at Metricon's incompetence and total disregard of clients. I would be going ballistic!! through no fault of yours having to reschedule post Handover trades. I think you'll find they complete 'thee who screams the loudest'. Let rip...Metricon have thrown your Handover into chaos - tell SS not to call until perfect.