Monday, May 30, 2011

Busy days :)

Yesterday saw the completion of our downstairs flooring (apart from the living room which will be carpeted) and I am pretty happy with the way it has turned out. Love the colour, very happy I went with that one!

Today I was there all day continuing with the mammoth task of cleaning the place, and had a few visits from trades along the way. Terry, who owns the sealing/silicon business (he does all Metricon's places) popped by to finish off the sealing off the kitchen, after coming on Friday arvo and not being happy with the colours he had (none were a great match for our mosaics). So he bought the correct one and came back today. Lovely guy, very professional, friendly, respectful (and so were the two young guys who came on Friday), and did a great job. Thanks Terry!

A painter also dropped by to do a second coat on the timber step on the hallway and the bottom tread of the stairs. He still needs to come back to put a clear lacquer on and touch up a few spots around the house.

We also had an early morning visitor who managed to access the house, and set the alarm off in the process..
Apparently it was a tradie who had gone to the wrong job - and because we hadn't turned the lock on the laundry from the outside he was able to use his builders key to get in.. uh oh.

Our Construction Manager knew about it so obviously he called him and told him. Gave me a good scare when I arrived alone and heard the alarm telling me it had been going off, and seeing lights on I didn't leave on!!

Moral of the story? Make sure ALL your external locks are turned completely so as to render the builders key useless as soon as you move in :)

Tomorrow will see carpets and blinds and shutters installed - exciting!!

Still dirty!


Dining Room

Dining, living, hallway to front door

Look Mum - the step looks great now!

On Sunday we cleared out the garage & I sealed the floor - so happy I did that, especially after all the torrential rain we had today.

Speaking of rain - our tank should be well on the way to full now ;)


  1. Shayne, your floors look amazing. I am so glad I'm using bamboo as well. Your floors are a good advertisement for them. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Love it all Shayne :) Bamboo looks beautiful

  3. What are using for your floors upstairs? Carpet?

  4. Shayne, looking fantastic!! I bet you are excited to move in soon. Great pics, keep them coming.
    Although trades have been pouring in and work is moving along at a rapid pace now, we are still trying to get a confirmed PCI date on our place. Had to move the flooring guys out a couple of weeks already. We are getting them to do the downstairs skirting boards.

  5. I really like your floor choices! It blends in perfectly with your other color selection. Can you tell me where did you got the floor from? Thank you! :P

  6. hi guys,
    just stumbled across your blog, lovely house and colour selections!

    can I just ask though, do you have any trouble keeping the window splashback behind the stove clean? I LOVE the idea of a windows splashback but my other half seems to think that light coming in from behind it (ie outside) will show up every splatter and streak mark so will require heavy duty cleaning. what has been your experience?

  7. SkyPiea - sorry - just saw your comment! We got the flooring through iflooring, they are in Belfield, and have a website too -

    HI Anon - so far the window splashback hasn't been cleaned once! LOL
    There are about 15cms between the very back of the cooker and the window, add to that about 10 more to get to the elements so its not all that close to the window! Admittedly I very rarely do any frying or super messy cooking so it could get messier if I did but so far its great!