Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some signs of progress..

STOP PRESS: We have a GARAGE door people!

Only 2 months after they measured up for it :) Ha!

Apart from that the house has had a "small clean" in the words of Jason (I haven't been there - not sure my blood pressure can handle it!) and thats about it..

Metricon QA is due there today..hhmmm

We will be chasing up either our SS and/or Construction Manager today to find out what is going on and to keep on their backs..

And some pics:

The garage door is - Colourbond Timberlook Caoba

Hoping to have more to report soon, until then..


  1. Awesome door! same colour as ours!! :)) great choice shayne!

  2. May be taking them a billion years but it sure is looking fabulous!!!

  3. Looking great Shayne! Have they given you a revised PCI date yet?

  4. Great to see some progress Shayne.

  5. Its a beautiful garage door. Damn noisy though..stay on their backs Shayne, hope they pull their fingers out and finish your house next week. Don't feel bad about the constant calling, its deserved and you wouldn't need to do it if they just had their act together.
    Cross fingers for PCI next week:)

  6. You Metricon buildees all need a medal for patience. Don't loose sight of your beautiful new home. Garage door looks great.

  7. Gorgeous garage door & hopefully your pci goes smoothly, fingers crossed for u!