Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dummy suitably spat.

Well, I did it. Today I gave in and wrote an email to Metricon stating our displeasure with the speed at which our house was being completed (or not so much completed actually..).

Despite constantly hearing from our SS that "things are under control", "everything is booked in up until completion", and "we are ahead of schedule" I was sick of not actually seeing any action - and after a week of total inactivity last week with this week shaping up to be the same I decided it was time to follow in the footsteps of Sandrine over at Craig & Sandrines BLOG and make some noise.

So I penned (typed) a fairly long email outlining our frustrations and suggesting that perhaps Metricon needed to address some issues which may or may not include - poor planning, poor communication, lack of trades, lack of resources and the distribution of resources to single storey homes (as they have a build time guarantee whereas double storey homes do NOT!) over doubles.

Within a few hours we received a call from our SS who happened to be in the office when the Construction Manager and Building Manager received our email.

Lo and behold - we will have PCI by next Friday. Maybe that would have been the case anyway but I feel better having let Metricon know what I think of the service they have provided so far.

Wish I had done it WEEKS ago.

Hopefully (how many times have I written THAT word throughout this build??) with PCI next Friday at the latest, we should have handover 2 weeks later, and should be in the house at the end of May.

Now to get moving on organising that independent inspection.


  1. Good on you Shayne! Ive already sent one of those emails to Metrcon lol they must hate me there!

    And as for the build time guarantee for singles..its only for homes smaller than 30 anything over that doesnt have a build time guarantee. Ours is 33 so basically they have 28 weeks to complete our home..can you believe its 10 more weeks for 3 more squares? Ridiculous!

  2. LOL - have you Tonia?? I think I did well to hold off as long as I did :)

    Thats interesting to know - add and extra 3 squares for our 36 and they get 32 weeks (plus Xmas shutdown!!) - madness!!!

  3. You go girl :)
    Since when did PCI stand for permanently commitment intolerant?
    Metricon...if you're reading this...FINISH Shaynes house and stop dicking around!!

  4. Well done! Fingers crossed for next Friday!

  5. Good on you Shayne something clearly had to be said, it seems like if you take it easy on them they are just going to take there time with the build, Arrrggg how annoying!!! Hopfully you will be in your new home very soon :)

  6. Good on you!

    All the best for next Friday, and I hope both yourself and your sanity make it through!

    You're almost there!

  7. I did the same thing, except we received no responses and they never put anything in writing.

  8. Congratulations guys - your 'feedback' sounds like it was very much earned by Metricon.

    Glad to hear it got some results, and hopefully commitments/promises/timelines are kept from now on!

  9. I'm having BLOG withdrawal Shayne....still no internet unless I visit son's house.

    You've been so patient; all the best for PCI.